Friday, September 05, 2008

U.S. Department of Labor Working to Aid Recovery From Flooding And Tornadoes in The Midwest

The Department of Labor has announced various programs to help workers in the Midwest who suffered from the recent flooding and tornadoes.

"We want to make information easily accessible and help quickly available to Americans affected by the devastating flooding in the Midwest," said Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao. "In addition to our toll-free telephone number, we've set up a Midwest Flood Recovery Assistance Web page to guide affected residents on unemployment insurance, personal safety during cleanup operations, and many other helpful resources for workers and employers."

Many counties across the Midwest have been certified as disaster areas and are eligible for the FEMA’s Public Assistance Program.

The Department has awarded a $23,027,000 grant to create approximately 10,000 temporary jobs for eligible dislocated workers in Iowa, Indiana and Illinois. These jobs are funded by the NEG program.

Other impacted states can apply for NEG funds to be used for projects such as cleanup, demolition, renovation and reconstruction of public facilities and land. These funds can also be used for projects that employ workers to provide food, clothing, shelter and other humanitarian assistance for disaster victims.

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