Sunday, October 28, 2012

Labor Law Posters: One of the Little Things Businesses Must Do

There are many different things that owners of a business have to do if they want to be successful. There are times when a business owner pays so much attention to the big things that they miss some of the little tasks. While it may be possible to build a successful business when you do miss some of these little things, the chance for disaster will always be present. A successful business is only as strong as its weakest link, and the strongest businesses are the ones that take the time to make sure they cover all of the different things that their business needs. It might not seem like the most important thing, but if you are running a business that pays employees, you need to make sure that you have current Labor law posters placed in conspicuous areas of your business.

There are both federal labor laws and state labor laws that all businesses are supposed to follow. These include things such as minimum federal wage, equal employment opportunity and family medical leave act. Those are the federal rules. States can have their own rules and they often include a state minimum wage that exceeds the federal wage, safety rules and time off for specific purposes such as voting. These rules are put in place to protect all employees and to make sure that they are treated in a fair and ethical manner. Businesses that do not follow these rules are subject to fines and can be shut down if the violations are severe enough.

The problem is that businesses often do not follow all of the rules and no one is aware of this. Unless a business does a surprise inspection and goes over another business’s records to look for any violations, the business can break the rules without being punished. That is where the posters come in. A business must have a poster that includes all of the different rules and regulations that employees need to be aware of. This poster must be in a place where the employees can see it. The posters also include information about who to contact if they feel that the business they are working in is treating them in a way that violates the law. Employees are protected from any backlash if they report violations and it is the best way for the government to enforce the rules that they have put into place.

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Labor Law Poster Service Makes Sense

Over time, the way that businesses operate in the United States has changed. We have gone from an economy that was based on agriculture to one that is based on manufacturing. The country is now moving towards becoming an economy that is based on the service industry. It is easier to have someone else do the things that you either do not know how to do or, for some reason, do not have the ability to do. The fact that there are companies that offer the services that businesses need has taken a burden from many small business owners.

Every business that employs people is required to have a series of labor law posters in a place where all of the employees of a business can have access to it. These labor laws protect the rights of both the employers and the employees. They are designed to make sure that everyone is entitled to be paid at least a minimum wage, that they have the right to work in a safe environment and that they have many other rights that are designed to make the workplace fair. If that business has these labor laws posted in places where the employees can see it, the employees will know what their rights are and when either they or the business is doing something wrong. It might not seem like a big deal to have these laws posted in a place of business, but they do serve an important purpose. If a business does not comply with this, they can be fined or even shut down.

A business owner can spend the time and the money to find all of the different laws and print them out on their own. This can be time consuming and because the laws can change every year and is difficult to keep updated. Instead of trying to do the work themselves, a business can take advantage of a Labor law poster to supply them with all of the posters that they need. The service can provide a poster that combines all of the federal rules and regulations with the state rules and regulations into a poster that is attractive, easy to read and durable. They can make sure that the updated version of the poster is delivered to the business every year so that the business is always in compliance with the law.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Labor Law Poster can help Promote A Professional Image

It is not easy to run a successful small business. Large companies have separate departments to take care of all of the little details involved in running a business. A small business owner does not usually have that luxury. Much of the work falls on their shoulders and, at times, that can be overwhelming. It is not hard to imagine that a small business owner may miss some things and not get everything that their business needs. One of the things that are often neglected is the need for a Labor law poster. This poster is supposed to be displayed in every business in a conspicuous place where all of the employees of a business can see it. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is something that many small businesses can overlook.

Instead of trying to figure out what information your small business needs to display in regards to labor laws, it is much easier to turn to one of the companies that offer the posters for sale. Instead of trying to piece all of the laws together and tacking them up to a bulletin board on the wall, you can get a professionally printed and laminated poster that looks good, has every bit of information that is required, and is durable.

An employee will usually work in the way that the business owner runs their business. If things are done in an informal manner, that is the way that the employees will work. Most companies big and small can benefit from having their employees working in a professional way. They are being paid to do their job and the business owner deserves this type of effort in return. If the business owner sets the stage by not only having a professional poster that explains the rights of the employer and employee and shows this to a new employee during an orientation, they will set the right tone for the workplace. The new employee will know that although this is a small business, it is still doing things in the right way. This type of attitude will be reflected in their work performance.

It may be a stretch to say that posting a professional looking poster will make your employees better, but it will help create the proper atmosphere. It is worth the short amount of time that it takes to go to a website, put in the state where your business is located and chose a poster for your business. It will keep you from running afoul with the law and will be a part of a professional workplace.

Monday, October 08, 2012

There are Workplace Compliance Posters required by the state and the federal government

Most of us have to work to make a living, no matter how much you are paid. That means we have to spend a lot of our time at workplaces. Thus the conditions of the workplaces are quite important for us as employees, such as the safety, employment rights and others. In order to help us stay updated about the needed knowledge on safety and our rights, there are Workplace Compliance Posters required by the state and the federal government. So pat attention to these posters at your workplaces and protect yourself from danger and know your rights.

The Necessary Labor Law Posters

The US department of labor expects all organizations to post State and Federal Labor Law Posters that will provide information to the employees regarding federal and applicable state labor laws. Failure to post these posters can lead to monetary fines and citations. With the growing competition in all fields, getting to legal hassles is the last thing an employer wants. Thus, it is better to understand the different laws applicable to your business and invest in relevant posters.

Most businesses need to display all federal labor law posters. These include equal employment opportunity poster that deals with non-discrimination. Then there is the fair labor standards act or FLSA that deals with minimum wage and must be displayed in a conspicuous place so employees are able to access it readily. All employers are required to display the family and medical leave act or FMLA to summarize the major provisions under this act and the ways by which an employee may file a complaint. Each worker with a disability should be informed about the special minimum wage that they are entitled to receive. OSHA posters must be displayed to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. Another poster deals with the rights and responsibilities of labor union members and officers; meant to help maintain democracy, integrity and transparency within any employee union. All employees must be informed about their rights and benefits under Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act.

There are additional Federal contractor poster requirements such as the requirement to display the Davis-Bacon poster. All employers who are covered by this act need to post this notice at prominent places where employees can easily read it. Another one is Beck poster that informs employees about their rights related to union membership and use of union dues as part of federal law. The Walsh-Healey Poster enumerated about compensations and should also be displayed at prominent locations in a workplace.

Most American states follow federal labor laws. One of the most varying laws is related to minimum wage. Most states either have a higher minimum rate when compared to the defined federal rate or lower than that the rate. A few states follow the federal rate. Many states have a different take on family medical leave law. Each private sector employer needs to post minimum rest period, meal period and hourly cash pay for tipped employees. Thus in addition to all mandatory federal laws an employer must not forget their specific state labor law posters.