Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On Safety posters and other workplace Posters

The need for safety posters had been required by the local government, its main purpose is to allow employees to know their rights as well as to clarify the rights of each and every individual inside the workplace. There are actually various types of posters that are applied in the workplace. One of the most common is the safety poster. This type of poster is based on the safety of each type of occupation. For instance, in large scale companies like can good manufacturers or hygienic product producers, there are certain rules which are to be followed. Employees would need to pass each requirement listed within the safety based posters in order for them to work in such companies. If they fail to pass all the requirements, they would not be allowed to work. Some of the rules applied in safety based posters would be the use of safety equipment, prevention of smoking and about the importance of health inside the workplace.

Of course, not all the rules which are applied in such posters would cover employee ethics. There would also be several guidelines for employees who would be under stress and or accidental materials. A good example would be the importance of safety equipment inside the workplace. The workers reserve the right to have their own safety materials which would be given by the government. If the government does not correspond to the rights of their workers, they would be penalized by the law. A good example on the rights of employees would also be about their health. Safety based posters would cover the right schedule for each employee such as regular checkups, health doctors as well as emergency precautionary protocols in cases of accidents or natural calamities. Disease outbreaks would also be covered among the workplace safety list.

Aside from safety based posters, employers would also need to issue several posters such as Federal labor law poster. This type of poster is designed to aid employees in knowing their rights as individuals and as workers. Such posters would often cover several questions inside the workplace such as the dues given to each worker, the holidays listed by the national government as well as certain rights like the right to vote or to have a physical examination provided by the employee. Retirement bonuses and added incentives would also be covered by the federal labor posters. This is actually the basis for such posters.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The History of Labor Law

Labor law, also referred to as employment law is the set of laws, regulations and articles that protect the rights of the working class. Labor law often ends up mediating employee relationships as they relate to their employer, labor unions, the government and even insurance companies. For employees working through a labor union, collective labor law applies, whereas the law entered into through working is considered individual labor law.

Back in the nineteenth century, labor law was instrumental in protecting the working class. Incidents during the Industrial Revolution such as the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire spawned the need for safer working conditions and rights that protected the worker. This has in turn helped evolve the workplace minimum quality standards and develop the economy.

Whereas child labor at the turn of the century might have seen children working in sweat shops or factories, today, the youth are an integral part of the workforce in industries such as fast-food and entertainment. However, child labor laws protect children and regulate their working hours, working days and occupational duties. Any business employing a youth under the age of 19 must post a labor law poster with child labor laws.

In 1938, minimum wage law was introduced in the United States. Today, minimum wage labor law posters must be posted by every employer. The federal government moderates the minimum wage, and states cannot pay hourly employees less. Currently, the federal labor law posters states that minimum wage is $7.25.

During the Industrial Revolution, workdays were much longer (typically 11 to 14 hours), whereas today, the maximum standard is 40 hours a week/8 hours a day, a result of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1950. There are some exceptions to this law for certain industries such as the agricultural industry, as crop harvesting is based on seasonality and weather conditions. Agricultural employers must post their own federal and state labor law posters and must comply with special health and safety regulations with their industry.

Other labor laws protect the rights of individuals for fair consideration and fair treatment on the job. These anti-discrimination laws make it illegal for businesses to discriminate on the basis of age, sex, religion, race, ethnicity, religion or political view. However, it wasn’t always this way. In fact, the Age Discrimination Act of 1967 made it illegal for employers to discriminate against potential new hires over the age of 40.

Today, labor laws are enforced through one main branch of government: the Department of Labor.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ohio State Labor Law and Safety Poster

Labor laws are common to many countries, particularly in the United States. The have strict laws that protect employees and workers. They are 2 types of labor laws that are mandated by the United States government to be posted in all working areas and establishments, they are the Federal Labor Law and the State Labor Law. These laws are then written on posters to be posted out on conspicuous areas for both the employers and employees to see, such as corridors, near drinking fountains, eating areas, and even to isolated working areas these posters are needed to be seen at all times.

From among these two types of posters, there is somewhat a minor difference between the two of them. Federal law posters are labor posters that have the basic labor laws mandated all throughout the whole United States, whereas State Labor law posters are posters specifically focused on each specific state in the U.S., there are some minor differences from state to state but there are also many similarities among all the state labor posters.

As an example of similarities on state labor law posters is the Minimum Wage posting. State labor law posters have the Minimum Wage posting that states the minimum wage for an employee only particular on that state. Like the one on an Ohio labor law poster, the minimum wage stated is $7.40, while in a different state labor law poster the minimum wage is different, but both of the posters have the minimum wage postings.

There are also minor changes in state to state when it comes to state labor law posters, like back in the example that was cited a while ago, using the state of Ohio. In the said state, it is emphasized on the upper part of their state labor law poster about the warning on smoking, this notice is not typical to other state labor law posters, and like the one they have in the state of Florida where the smoking notice is not included on their labor law poster. This and some other minor and major things are what makes a state labor law poster differs from one state to another.

On the other hand, Safety posters are posters not only opted for employees and employers, but it is also for the general public. There are a number of certain public areas that safety posters should be properly posted for the public’s safety.

New York State Labor Law and Safety Poster

The United States is an example of a country that takes good care of their employees. By doing so, they have labor laws governing establishments, companies and offices, regarding their employees. These labor laws are then printed out in poster form so that it can, and should be posted in areas where employees as well as employers can see and read them clearly as guidelines for the both of them.

Labor law posters are then divided into two types, the Federal Labor law poster and the State Labor law poster. Federal labor law posters are labor posters mandated by the United States government having the fundamental labor laws given to all the states. Whereas, state labor law posters are also mandated by the United States government, but, in a way differ from one state to another, for the main reason that for each state, there are some minor and major focus they have posted on their state labor law poster.
Now, in the case of state labor law posters, even though there are some different postings from different states, there are also a number of similarities. Like given the case as an example the state of New York. New York labor law poster, and as with any other state labor poster, the posting on discrimination is very common for all of them. While, one of the differences the New York state labor law poster differs from some of the state labor law posters is that they have notifications in two languages side by side, one is in American English, and the other one in Spanish. A reason behind this is that in that particular state, New York, there are a great number Latinos and Spaniards, and these people should also be aware regarding the labor laws not only for the whole country, but also in particular, like the ones in their state. There are also notices that are common in all state labor posters, but have different values for different states. A good example of this is the notice on minimum wage. A New Yorker has a minimum wage of $7.25, while in other state in can be more than or lesser than that.

As with the safety posters, these posters are then not only for establishments, companies, employers and employees, but are also for the safety of the general public. These posters are not only posted and intended in working areas, but mainly in public places.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Florida Labor Law Poster in Partnership with Federal Labor Law Posters

Florida labor law poster covers many areas of the working condition of the employees and business sectors in the state. This labor law makes sure that all employees from the different sectors are well protected and insured.

Federal labor law posters in partnership with Florida labor law posters are implementing labor laws that would provide benefits to all the workers. The Labor law poster in Florida also implements the statute of giving health insurance to all the workers of the state. This is one of the great contributions of the state and other governing bodies of law to every worker because health is the topmost priority of every worker. When they get a sick leave, the private or public sector pays it because the worker renders his or her service to the employer. In addition, the labor law provides compensation to those employees who are resigning.

The federal labor law posters sometimes bar this law because there are employees who make undisciplinary acts within the companies they are employed for, thus abusing their rights and abusing the company as well. The governing bodies of law in this area are only giving protection to the rights and insurance of the employees, thus disregarding the abusive acts of the employees. The employees that will c commit abusive acts will not be given compensation because he or she violated the rule. In this case, the company might sue him or her, but because of the Federal labor law posters and safety posters, the employee will be given dismissal letter and will be protected because he or she still contributed his or her knowledge in the company. Federal labor law posters are the ones that set standards to be followed by the employers and employee from the private and public sectors, so they are giving enough rights to the employees.

The compensation that will be received by the employees depends on the length of service that he or she gave to his or her employer. Most of the time, those are having their retirement are given pensions or other benefits by the company as long as the company do not discriminate the employer. The discriminatory actions of the employers hind the workers to get pensions or compensations upon retirement. The new standards that are established by the Florida labor law posters are the guidelines of the private and public sector workers in order for them to be updated.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Arizona Labor Law Mandatories

For Arizona business owners, the state requires that compliance is met by posting the Arizona labor poster and federal labor law posters. The general posting requirements include the following:

• Unemployment Compensation (Those businesses who violate record keeping or posting may be subject to fines of $250 for the first violation and up to $1000 for each additional violation.
• Workers' Compensation Insurance
• Employee Safety & Health Protection
• Prohibition of Discrimination
• Work Exposure to Bodily Fluids – Employees are notified that claims may be filed for condition, infection, disease or disability involving HIV or AIDS.
• Constructive Discharge – Notice of protection of employees against companies that force an employee to quit due to unbearable working conditions (including, but not limited to: discrimination, harassment and pay decreases)
• Minimum Wage
• No Smoking Poster – The State of Arizona requires a no smoking poster at all entrances.
• E-Verify – For those employers taking part in E-Verify, this poster supports a federal program allowing the verification of employment eligibility for new hires.
• Right to Work – Guarantees that no person shall be forced to join or pay due to a labor union.
• Work Exposure to Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Spinal Meningitis, or TB – Employees are notified that claims may be files for fluid or skin exposure in the workplace.
• Emergency Contact Numbers
• Payday Notice

In addition, Arizona has specific labor laws that relate to teen workers, such as limits to the number of hours worked and limits on occupational duties. In all cases, where Federal and Arizona state law are in conflict, the stricter law applies. As labor laws change so frequently, it’s critical for businesses to stay up-to-date so that their assets and their employees are protected at all times. It’s easy to do this with labor law posters and labor law poster programs that provide updates as new compliance laws are passed. This provide peace of mind so businesses can focus on their customers and revenue earning opportunities, as opposed to being bogged down trying to stay up to date on the latest compliance laws.

In the past few years, Arizona labor laws have undergone several updates, including the following:
• Minimum wage increase from $7.25 to $7.35 an hour (effective Jan. 1, 2011)
• Added genetic discrimination as a new protective category under state-level discrimination (Dec. 2009)
• MRSA posting (Aug. 2009)

In today’s job market and economic climate, both businesses and employees must do everything they can to protect themselves by staying current on labor laws and postings.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Federal Labor Law Posters

Labor law posters are posters in the United States that contains labor laws protecting the workers or employees rights, as well as in serving the interests of employers, by providing them guidelines, and thus minimizing or negating unnecessary consequences and circumstances. Labor Law posters are then divided into two categories, the Federal Labor Law poster and the State Labor Law poster. These posters, no matter what it may be, are mandated by the United States government to be displayed in conspicuous areas in the workplace or work areas on companies, establishments and offices. Examples of these places are like corridors, near drinking fountains, eating areas, and even remote working areas.

State labor law posters are intended to the use of each individual state in the United States. For the reason that not all state are totally the same when it comes to the labor law they passed on their employees. For instance, in some state the minimum wage is around $7.50 whereas in the other state it is around to $8.00, the minimum wage posting is there but the values on each is different.

When it comes to Federal labor law posters, it contains all the laws mandated by the United States government to all states and not only to specific states. Some of its law is the “Federal Minimum Wage”, stating the minimum wage that a state can give to an employee, which is $7.25, and this goes to all states, they can give a higher rate but not a lower one. Another example is the “Anti-discrimination Notice” that is similar to the “Equal Employment Opportunity”, stating the equal rights of every employee and that nobody should be discriminated by any means, whether it is the color of the skin, their religion, gender, political affinity, race or national origin. And one of the biggest sections covered by Federal Law poster is the section of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or otherwise known as OSHA. This section covers the occupational workplace hazards of every employee, that each employee may inform the OSHA about existing hazards in their work areas if there is one.

Safety posters on the other hand are posters that are also mandated by the United States government to be posted at all times to all particular places that best matched the corresponding safety poster. It does not only cater on workers and employees, but mainly it is focus on the welfare of the general public.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Federal Labor Law Posters as Wise Protectors

Federal labor law posters are the one responsible in creating standards in the field of work or jobs. These laws play the same role with the other bodies of law but they are uniquely different when it comes to implementation of labor laws to the workers of the state. They may or may not favor the employees from the private sectors. They can limit the rights of employees, decrease minimum wage, and abolish the overtime rate to all workers.

The federal laws are implementing this to protect the rights of the employers also. If the salary will constantly increase, then there might be a tendency that many establishments or private companies will close. In addition, the number of lay offs in the company will increase, thus giving no job opportunities and leaving the capitalism hanging. Capitalism is the foundation of every state or nation. It provides equipments and tools for faster production and it also make the state more recognized internationally, just like Arizona.

There are safety posters in Arizona under the Federal labor law providers that are regulating within the state. These safety posters are the basis of the government and private sectors to give workplace safety standards to promote the wellness of the workers and employers. There are situations where the Federal laws dominate over the other state and local laws that are ruling in this area. The Federal labor law posters do not apply its standards to the workers who are having statutory rights. It is because the state laws and federal laws differ from each other.

There are times that they both overlap each other when they provide protection to the workers. State laws are more expansive in covering the rights and protection of the employees while the Federal laws are more strict and wise in giving rights and protection. Limiting the rights of the employees in the private sectors is also a good idea to refrain the people from abusing the rights of the other people around them. There are labor law posters that are set to rule over the field of work. It mostly includes payment notices, insurances, and discrimination acts. There are times that the federal labor law posters preempt the barring of discrimination acts by the employer. This is because discrimination acts can be an advantage of the employees. The discrimination acts can be their way to land a more profitable job.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

California Labor Law and Safety Poster

Each state in the United States have their own set of labor laws that are not applicable in all or most of the states in the U.S., though they are also labor laws that are and should be mandated in all states therein. These labor laws are then posted in work areas in establishments, companies and offices that should be visible and readable, serving as notices and reminders for both parties of the employees and employers. These labor laws are then divided into two, the federal and the state labor law poster. The federal being the one similar or the same on all states, and the state labor law that is somehow have minor differences varying from state to state.

As an example, given the state of California, labor law posters in that state would be known as California labor law poster. On the set of postings and work notices they have on their posters, are quite somehow similar and different in a way from the other state labor law posters found in the other states. The posting on the minimum wage they have is higher compare to the other state, which is $8.00 per hour, as with the other state that is only around $7.50. Another thing you can find in a California labor law poster is the “no smoking” sign with exceptions on places designated as smoking areas, whereas in some other state this notice is not present and in some this is highly mandated with no exceptions. Another notice that they have, that is not commonly present in most of the state labor law posters, is the notice on “employees withholding allowance certificate”. Though there are still some labor laws mandated by the United States government that are not found in some state labor posters, these laws then are surely indicated in the Federal Labor law posters, which are also carried by all establishments and companies throughout the U.S.

If Labor law posters are more focused on the interests and welfare of employees and employers as well, state posters are then focused on the general public, giving them reminders and notices regarding safety on specific matters, and on specific areas.

These posters mandated by the government are very helpful for both ends of the parties. Avoiding unnecessary lawsuits, and at the same time providing knowledge on each other’s rights and avoiding conflicts.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Arizona State Labor Law and Safety Poster

Labor law posters are posters mandated by the United States government to be placed in conspicuous areas in establishment, companies, and offices. Such places where these posters should be placed are near drinking fountains, eating or snack areas, corridors, and the like. These posters served as reminders for both employees and employers as well on the labor laws passed on to them by their state and of by the whole country of the United States.

Labor law posters are then categorized or divided into two types, one is the Federal law poster and the other one is what we call the State Labor law poster. There are differences as well as similarities between these two labor law posters. Federal labor law poster is concern on the basic or fundamental labor law passed on to every state of the U.S. government, while the State Labor posters are more concern and focus on per state by-laws regarding their employees.

Some of the similarities that can be found in a labor law poster is the Minimum Wage posting where it states the minimum wage an employee can received per hour of work. Though all state labor posters have this on their posting, the values on it are different from state to state. Like in an Arizona Labor poster, the minimum wage is $7.35, whereas in New York they only give $7.25 per hour. Both of the said state has the same minimum wage postings but both of them have different values on it.

State labor law posters have also certain uniqueness from state to state. Like in the state of Arizona, they have a posting in their state labor poster about the Exposure in Bodily Fluids, a warning or reminder that cannot be found in other state labor law poster. By the way, these bodily fluids they are HIV and AIDS, Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immunodeficiency Virus respectively.

Safety posters on the other hand not only cater or focused on employees’ welfare and employers as well, but are rather more focused on the general public. These posters do not have a general format just like as the labor law posters have. They have different designs and messages for each safety poster, and each poster is posted on certain public areas where it could also be easily seen by the public. Safety posters are also mandated by the U.S. government.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Arizona labor law posters implementing equal employment rights

The state of Arizona is active in providing services to its people. Even if the people in this state are from the different nations, the state still protect their rights as long as they are employed with decent jobs and are law abiders. The leaders in this state are very dynamic in presenting different laws that would benefit the workers. The main reason why the state protects the people is to prolong the liveliness of the state and to make sure that there are still people that will handle the jobs in all fields of work force. Manpower is one of the greatest contributors of development in any state or country.

The workers are the essential people for the community or society to achieve success. Thus, the governing laws and standards should prioritize the benefits and protection of these people in order for them to be more productive and creative. In connection to this, there are safety posters created and presented by the different bodies of law to limit and expand the rights and protection of the workers from the different sectors within the state. These safety posters are responsible in giving up to date data about the increase in salary of local and private employees.

The safety posters also post the latest area that they cover when it comes to rights and protection of the workers. Arizona labor law posters are also in partnership with the different government sectors to get the majority votes on which laws should be removed and which ones are to be prioritized. They make plans and agreements with these law providers to make sure that the standards that will be established are legal and have been approved by the state laws or federal laws. There are times that the law providers limit the rights of those who work in the private sectors, thus more privileges are given to the public workers.

A Labor law poster is not just a written document made by the law providers; this document should not remain only on papers but should also be implemented by the governing law in the state. There are also laws that are temporary and will be given expiration if the law providers see to it that they are not making the workers gain the right benefits from their employer. This means that law providers will modify the existing labor law to protect the workers.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Safety Posters Overview

There are labor laws that govern and protect the interest of both employers and employees in the United States. These laws are called the labor laws. These laws have two implications, the federal labor law and the state labor law. These laws should be posted on conspicuous areas for both the employees and employers in order for them to see and read all the time, as a means of reminder to them. This material is what is called a labor law poster. Labor law posters are divided into two, which are the federal law posters and the state labor law posters.

From these labor law posters, another public Act poster should also be posted on working areas for the employees and the employers, this is the OSHA Safety Poster. If labor law posters are promulgated for the main concern of laws made for protecting the rights of every employee and employer, safety posters then are for the safety and healthy working environment for both employees and employers as well.

On an OSHA safety poster, there are memorandums given for both the employees and employer of a certain business, company, or office. For employees, it states that they should comply with all occupational health and safety standards issued under the OSH Act that applies to their own actions and conduct on the job. That the employer has the rights to the copies of the employees’ medical records, including a record if the employee have been exposed to hazardous or toxic chemical or substance. That the employer must fix any workplace hazards by the date indicated on the citation and must certify that these hazards have been reduced or eliminated. The employee also has the right to see the OSHA citations issued to their employer. The employee also has the right to notify their employer or the OSHA about workplace hazards and can also request secrecy from OSHA of their name if they wished to. Employees also have the right to request for an inspection if they believe that there are unhealthy and unsafe conditions in their workplace. They can also file complaint within 30 days for discrimination or retaliation made by their employer to them for making safety and health complaints under the OSH Act. And lastly, the employer should post this notice in all work areas.

As for the employers, they should furnish their employees a place of employment free from any type of recognized and all sorts of hazards, and that they must comply to the occupational health and safety standards issued under by the OSH Act.

Safety of Children and Young Adults through Labor Law Posters

Employees have been fighting over their rights for years. They have toiled and worked in order to gain some salary for food for their families. In order to protect their rights as individuals as well as workers, the government has issued the need for labor law posters which would be posted throughout the workplace. These posters would be as a symbol for equal opportunities and rights of individuals. It would serve as their protector against any discriminatory acts that might happen during their work and it is their sign for equal rights. Labor laws are applied regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity and nationality. As long as a person is an employee, he would forever be protected by labor laws. This law is also for the wellbeing of employees inside or outside the work area.

Aside from labor laws, the government has allowed several states to organize and create their own laws which they would pass to workers. There are several laws which are added and shared inside the workplace through the use of safety posters. The posters would again serve as a reminder to the need for employee rights especially in terms of salary and health insurance. Children are also protected by labor laws through the use of Child Labor Laws which are given throughout the workplace. Employers are prohibited in hiring children who would not be of legal age and even with the consent of parents. Any company who would not follow this rule would violate the laws passed by the federal government. In order to protect the children, the government also issued the Child Labor Laws to every labor posters throughout the country. The Child laws are now found in the upper right area of each labor poster. The poster would be the guideline for school time schedules, age restrictions as well as the number of hours working.

Young adults who would be working inside a company would have an equal opportunity as the adults that would be working in the same company. Again, their rights are protected by the state and no one can jeopardize employee laws. Their safety and security is protected by the government and by doing so employers are inclined to provide safety equipment, safety posters and other precautionary products in order to ensure the wellbeing of each employee. This is actually a part which is also written in labor posters and state posters.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Protecting the Unemployed the Labor Law Posters

Each year, over a million individuals have lost their jobs due to problems about their health or about their families. Some who were exposed to several chemicals and other harmful substances would not be able to endure working after a couple of years. There are also some employees who would have the power to protect themselves from any discriminatory acts through the use of labor law poster. Such posters are used for guideline purposes. They are placed throughout the workplace in order to remind employers about the laws protecting employees. With the use of the posters, there would be lesser violence and harm against workers.

Labor posters such as the federal and state labor law posters have several sections. The sections would be divided according to the needs of employees such as anti-fraud laws. As its name suggests, anti-fraud laws are used to protect employees against fraudulent acts such as companies who would not pay for the salary of employees. In some cases, there are even employees who would cheat their workers for insurance or through payments. They would even provide lesser salary because they think that they have the power to do so. Today, such acts are prohibited by State laws and by the federal government. There laws are also covered through several laws in order to secure the safety and wellbeing of workers. Aside from such laws, there are also compensation laws used to safeguard employees who would incur any injuries in the workplace. Companies would need to protect their employees through the use of safety equipment. By giving incentives such as bonuses during special holidays and payouts, they would be able to protect the workers from bankruptcy or hunger.

Since labor is an essential part of the society, they should always be protected not only as workers but also as individuals. They should be protected from any accidents that might hinder their way of life. That is why the government urges the use of safety posters throughout the office. The safety based posters are needed in order to protect workers from any accidents that might occur. In such posters, there are also some preventive measures in cases of fire, accidents and any other unavoidable circumstances. Through providing safety areas such as fire exits, fire extinguishers and other protective gear, employees would safely be able to go out of the office if any accidents or calamities might happen. Such is the right of employees in the workplace.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Labor Law Posters in Arkansas

Labor laws indeed vary from one state to the next. They would often be different according to the location or to the laws penalized according to state. Due to the differences in law, there are various labor law posters which are sold. Such posters are used in order to for employees and workers to know the law which is passed in the state or area where they are working. Through the use of the posters, workers would know their rights and their privileges. They would also know the importance of following such rules in order to follow the rights of each individual. For instance, the Arkansas state has a different type of guidelines and notices which are printed in their posters. Such postings are explained and they are not identical to each card. The biggest part of the poster lies on the upper left portion of the card. If you would look at that part of the card, you would notice that it is the guidelines for minimum wage. The minimum wage area would be the guide for employee compensation and the need for each worker.

The Arkansas Labor poster would also be a guide for compensation in various fields such as professionals, handicapped individuals, laborers in several industries like factories and farms, executives and other lines of work. Aside from employment on a professional level, the poster would also cover student’s pay. The student’s pay would be based on the line of work and such. Rates would also be expressed in the poster along with compensations for work on special holidays and overtime pay. Since the state of Arkansas is against child labor, there would also be some sections in the card which would be about child labor laws as well as restrictions in hiring or employing children.
The violations for such acts would be found on the lower left most portion of the poster.

Several companies who would have the labor posters would also need to follow the rules and regulations which cover safety posters on several areas of the office as well as on areas like the employee lounge or the workshops. Through the use of the safety based posters, workers would not have any problems when it comes to problems with safety as well as in any cases that employees would have problems in the factory or in any hard hat area. Such laws are actually covered by the state of Arkansas.