Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An Over View of Labor law posters

Labor law posters and other kind of safety posters are very commonly seen in at work place in its bathrooms and break rooms. You must also have seen them at your workplace. Have you ever noticed what these posters are about? It is mandatory for every company and business to design its own labor law poster, according to the law of the state.

These posters contain some information about the rights of the employees and their safety and other related topics. Every business has different processes and different orientations so the labor law poster is also different for every business. And it must e designed according to the area where your business is present, for example if your business is present in an Arab country then you have to design the poster in English as well as in Arabic language. Not only federal labor law posters is designed the company but the disclosure of state labor laws is also mandatory.
The basic sub topics present on these posters include: safety and health precaution that must be taken by the workers at the work place, discrimination, harassment, insurance benefits, minimum amount of wage that is decided according to the standard set by the state laws, all the information which is necessary in case of emergency and other topics which are related to these topics.

These law posters designed by the business owners must be according to the latest law and must include all the amendments done in the labor law. These posters must be up graded whenever an amendment occur in the state’s labor law. Most of the times the law related to the safety, wages and health keep on changing with time that’s why it becomes necessary to upgrade the posters. To get the latest information about the labor law you must regularly check the government web site and other informative web sites.

According to this law discrimination is a crime. The employer cannot discriminate among the workers on the basis of religion, caste, nationality or any other basis. This provides the workers an equal opportunity to work.
If you are an employer and designing a labor law poster then you must keep all the above acts in your mind and then start designing it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Colorado Labor Poster Placement in the Workplace

Colorado is a state that has a wide variety of labor laws in place. These laws help to protect the employee from being unfairly treated by the employer. A Colorado labor poster is required to be placed in work areas so that the employees will be aware of their rights and will be able to identify when an employer has violated those rights. Labor law poster is a standard in most places in the United States. They are often accompanied by safety poster to help the workers know what things that they can do to help keep themselves safe as well as the rest of their employees safe.

Colorado has labor laws that are much like the labor laws of the rest of the United States. There are some things that differ about Colorado's laws and the standard laws that have been enacted by the United States Government. Colorado has a minimum wage of $7.36 for one hour of work. This increase in the minimum wage in Colorado began on January 1, 2011. The minimum wage for tipped employees is $4.34, which is higher than most other states in the country. Colorado also has laws about hiring illegal immigrants in the state. All of these items should be listed on the Colorado labor poster in the workplace. All labor law posters list the main rules that must be followed by the employer and the safety posters are a good compliment to them.

If you work in Colorado, you should look at all of the literature that is posted at your job site. It is important for you to know the things that are listed on these posters so that you will know what rights you and your fellow employees are entitled to. If you do not read these posters and an employer breaks one of the rules that is listed on these posters, you will not know that the rules have been broken and you will be unable to respond to these law violations. Also, knowing the safety regulations will help you stay safe and prevent you from suffering any serious injuries.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Florida Labor Law Poster is Important

If you live and work in the state of Florida, you probably have seen a Florida labor law poster before. This poster provides a wealth of information to the average worker in the state of Florida. Labor law posters in Florida include information including the minimum wage that must be paid for employees in Florida. The minimum wage in Florida is equal to that of the federal minimum wage. There are also laws that do now allow the prevention of hiring people who have disabilities. A Florida labor law poster will have other statutes on it including the fact that Florida is a “right to work” state. This ensures that no person shall be required to join a union to work at a specific job and that if someone at a specific job wants to leave the union, they can do so.

Labor law posters in Florida contain most of the same statutes that other states have. They do not allow people below a certain age to work and require people to be at least 18 years of age to work in certain industries. This is mostly done for safety. Safety posters are usually displayed at all workplaces. These posters give basic information about the job that the employees are performing and what they need to do to perform it correctly and safely. Safety posters are very often required for job sites so that injuries are not commonplace.

There are many different types of literature that can be posted at a job site. This literature is designed to help protect the worker as well as the employee. By posting this literature at the job site, the employees will know what actions that they have to take to stay safe and to protect their legal rights. It also helps the employer in case an employee is hurt. If an employee is hurt, the employer can use the poster as evidence that the employee was warned about the hazards before hand and did not follow them. If employee reads and follows the instructions that are shown on these posters, they should not have as many problems at work.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Labor Law Poster is a Necessity

Many people have seen a labor law poster before in their workplace and may not have paid too much attention to it. They may have thought it contained some ordinary information that was not really important and just ignored it. However, labor law posters are very important. They convey a lot of information to employees that they should know about their jobs and employment. A labor law poster will usually display the minimum wage that an employer must pay and of his or her workers. If an employer is paying you less than the minimum wage, then your employer is breaking the law and should be reported to the authorities. The poster should also say the age requirements that a person should have for working at a job. If the employer is hiring someone who is too young to legally be working, they should be reported to the authorities.

Labor law posters are also there to help prevent discrimination. In order to prevent discrimination, the poster will say what types of things can not be used to discriminate against someone who is looking for a job. These might include gender, disabilities, and sexual orientation. If you know of an employer who is discriminating against people with these characteristics, you alert someone who can keep this from happening. Finally, labor posters will usually tell things about safety. These might be accompanied by safety posters. Safety posters will usually contain information that includes things such as how to avoid repetitive injuries and how to properly perform your job in order to prevent strains or other injuries to the body. These posters may also tell you how to prevent injuries to others.

Now that you have learned more about the importance of these posters, you will no longer see them as just ordinary items that are seen in the workplace. You will see them as important guides for you to follow in order for you to learn more about what an employer's responsibilities are and also how to stay safe in the workplace. You will want to point them out to your other fellow employees so that they will know more about them and learn about their rights as well as how to keep themselves safe.

Monday, March 21, 2011

State Labor Law Posters and Where they are Used

Many of the states in the United States have different labor laws in effect and these laws will vary from state to state. In order to ensure that employees know exactly what these laws are, many of the states will require that state labor law posters be displayed in areas that are convenient for the employees to see. If these labor law posters are not displayed in convenient areas (or not displayed at all), the employer can receive severe penalties from the state government. These penalties usually include fines against the employer.

State labor law posters usually are put in an area along with other labor related posters. Other labor law posters, including federal posters and safety posters may also be required to be displayed with the state posters. The state posters usually include information and laws that a particular state requires to be displayed at all job sites. This information can include minimum wages that people receive that may be higher than the minimum wages that are required by the federal government. It may also include things such as workers rights in that state and laws regarding the employment of people under a certain age. Some states may require that children under a certain age be denied employment from certain industries that may be deemed hazardous to their health or may interfere with school.

The state posters, federal posters and safety posters are all important and they may be accompanied by other posters that will instruct employees on how to perform a job in a certain way. There may be jobs that require that employees to perform their work in a certain manner in order to not be injured or to ensure that the products that they are manufacturing or preparing are made to a specific standard. These posters can be a guide to performing these steps correctly and making sure that the products that they produce come out correctly. All of these posters are very important to both the employer and the employee. They need to be put in places where they can be easily seen so that the information on them can be used in the employee's work.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Federal Labor Law Posters in the Workplace

It is important for employees in the workplace to know their rights in regards to employer responsibilities. Labor law posters help to achieve this. Workers should know what type of treatment is allowed and is not allowed. They should know that it is illegal to be discriminated by their employer because of things such as their sex, sexual orientation, race or being handicapped. They should also know the minimum amount of pay that they should receive from their employer. This information can be found in federal labor law poster. These posters are required to be posted in the workplace by the employer so that all of the employees can see them and know their rights.

There are also other types of signs other than federal labor law posters or other labor law posters that might be required in certain circumstances. Some of these include signs such as safety posters. It is very important for these posters to be displayed at all job sites. They allow the worker to know what actions should be taken to prevent injuries. This can be important for two reasons. One it allows the worker to know what steps should be taken to prevent accidents to happen in the first place. Secondly, it protects the employer in case an employee is injured. If an employee is injured because of an action that they were not supposed to do, it gives the employer a means of defense by allowing them to show that they provided the information that was needed for the employee to keep that injury from occurring. These reasons make it very important for employers to make sure that safety posters are always posted in places that can be seen by their employees.

If you are an employer, you need to make sure that you have these posters displayed in a place that is visible to the employees. Choose a place that employees travel past frequently so that they have a chance to see the posters often and read them. If you are an employee, make sure that these posters are actually posted in the workplace. If they are not posted in the workplace, ask your employer to have them.

Friday, March 18, 2011

'Triangle' explains the fire that killed 146 and changed labor laws

Source from:,0,6198620.story

Ultimately, they had no choice except for how they would perish: burn or leap to death.

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory workers were trapped on March 25, 1911. HBO's excellent "Triangle: Remembering the Fire" marks the centennial with a 40-minute documentary Monday, March 21.

This tragedy, New York's worst workplace disaster until the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, was the catalyst for changing labor laws and establishing fire safety standards.

"There were no fire escapes," says Sheila Nevins, president of HBO Documentary Films and the movie's executive producer. "No one had sprinklers. It was all new. They always put a stop sign up after someone gets killed on the corner. We always learn too late, and we learn for the next generation."

Nevins is not only the force behind the film, but her grandmother's youngest sister, Celia Gitlin, was among the 146 who died in the fire. Most were immigrant women and teenage girls.

Nevins hadn't realized the familial connection until HBO's 2009 documentary, "Schmatta: Rags to Riches to Rags." Filmmakers Marc Levin and Daphne Pinkerson made both documentaries.

Though other victims' descendants are in the film, Nevins is not among them. In an interview, she talks about her great-aunt. Like so many who died that Saturday afternoon, Gitlin, 17, was a recent emigre. In the United States for six months, she spoke no English, and her death certificate states that she died of a broken skull; she jumped from the blazing building.

"It wasn't just so I must remember my family," Nevins says. "These women really changed history. Women had led the labor movement."

The movement was a reaction to overcrowded factories and no protections for workers. The Triangle factory was one of the first of its kind; it was in a new skyscraper on the edge of Washington Square Park. Before this, garment workers usually sewed from tenements on the Lower East Side.

This was a large, airy building, though workers were crammed into loft spaces. It was also significant because of what Triangle made 'd0 shirtwaists, blouses for women, freeing them from dresses.

The factory owners, Isaac Harris and Max Blanck, were also immigrants. They made millions from this new fashion.

To make these millions, though, meant people worked very long days, six days a week, for very little money. Such conditions led to the general strike of 1909, when New York pretty much came to a halt, and police officers beat young female factory workers who dared protest.

To put their bravery in perspective, remember that women did not yet have the vote. Some factories were unionized after that strike, but not Triangle. Grinding work continued as always, until 4:10 p.m. on March 25.

"Investigators believe it was started by a discarded cigarette," Tovah Feldshuh narrates. "Highly flammable stacks of fabric and paper patterns caused the fire to spread quickly across the floor. The workers panicked and started running for the exits all at once. They had never had fire drills. There was no plan. Nobody knew what to do."

Soon the factory was engulfed. Stairways weren't wide enough, doors opened in instead of the safer out. The law did not require sprinklers.

Some people on the 10th floor scrambled to the roof, where a law professor and students from adjacent New York University (which has a building on the site of the Triangle factory) rescued some 70 people.

The fire department arrived just two minutes after the first alarm was sounded. Their ladders reached only to the sixth floor; the fire started on the eighth.

One of the day's heroes was Joseph Zito, an elevator operator, who continued to bring the lift to the fire as frantic workers pushed in.

"He was going into the fire to save those people that he knew would die if he wasn't able to get back up there," his great-great-grandson, Dennis Clancey, says in the film. "He saved over 100 people that day."

Eventually, workers threw themselves into the elevator shaft. Others leapt from windows. In 18 minutes, it was over.

Susan Harris' grandfather was factory co-owner Blanck, who died six years before she was born. Harris has clearly ruminated about the tragedy and is emotionally open during an interview. Her family did not talk about the fire.

"I imagine their reason was it was so incredibly painful," she says.

Harris has created art from shirtwaists onto which she embroidered the victims' names, which she is giving to the New York City Fire Museum. "To me it is like a prayer flag," she says.

Though this fire is so integral to labor and New York history, Nevins and Harris acknowledge people must be reminded that awful work conditions persist.

"There needs to be some type of government protection, some oversight that will come in and inspect (factories)," Harris says, "and make sure that everything is very safe for them."

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Labor Law Posters Are a Common Benefit Of Both Employer And Employee

Each and every thing in life needs some rules and regulations. If you will not follow any rules and regulations then you will not be able to spend a managed and established life. Same is the case with running a business. If you want to run a business successfully then you will have to make a proper business plan that you will be using in future. In your business plan you must add the laws of sate and federal government. These laws are for different reasons. Some laws are related to you and your business and some laws are related to you and your labor or workers. According to rules of federal government it is important for you to display labor law posters at your work place. There are different advantages of using these federal and state labor law posters. In this article we are going to discuss those advantages that you can get being and employer.

Running a business is not an easy thing and especially when you have got staff under you that you have to manage and take care of their rights then things can get confused a bit. It is always better to write down all the important issues and provide their solution in front of them. For example if any of your employees has any complain then he can write an application and send to you. In this way you will be able to reduce the panic in your office. You will not have to address to different employees again and again about preventive measure and safety rules when you will have safety posters displayed at your work place.

Different states have different labor laws and you must display your state labor law posters so that your labor can get to know about the laws that can support them while working and also the safety posters that will let them know how they are supposed to work. You being an employer will be able to have a good time as you will not have to worry about addressing your employees again and again.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Comparison and contrast of Network labor law posters with Arizona labor posters

Labor law poster format and issues are almost same in different states but a few points differ. Labor law posters ensure the well beings of employees and their safety and security. With the help of these posters workers are provided with all the essential information regarding their rights and the benefits provide by the company or organization. These posters are made according to the federal and state posters of the particular state. As it is the duty of every employer to inform his workers about labor laws and their rights. Providing all the necessary general and basic information about the rights, duties and benefits of employees can prevent future disputes between employees and employer. Safety posters are a part of these posters which can help the workers a lot in getting safety information. In this article we are going to compare and contrast the Network labor law posters with Arizona labor posters.

In Arizona labor posters and New York labor law posters the requirement of federal posters are almost the same. In both posters, in the federal division the issues of job safety, equal opportunity for employment, wages according to the minimum wage standards, medical leaves, family illness leaves, reemployment and other related issues are discussed.

But considering the state posters of labor law: both state i.e. Arizona and New York, have different posters. And the posting within them are also different. The Arizona labor posters for the state contains postings like: workers compensation in case of any mishap, insurance of unemployment, in case of hazardous material exposure: listing the impacts of hazardous material and the impacts o human body, elimination of discrimination and other health protection issues. But in the case of New York labor law posters, the postings in the state posters include: the awareness of workers i.e. workers have the right to know each and every aspect of their employment benefits and drawbacks, the act regarding clean indoor air in which workers have the equal opportunity to breath clean air and have access to it, insurance for unemployed workers who have previously worked in the particular company, benefits for the workers who have become disabled due to some mishap, opposition of child labor etc.You can get the details of these posters from the web sites as many web sites are there who can guide you about the details of the state and federal posters of both Arizona and New York.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Labor law posters – What are the advantages

You must have heard about labor law posters before and there are two possibilities that you would have thought that what are these posters for or you would have thought that what is the advantage of using a safety poster? In this article I will try to address the second issue that is the advantages of using federal labor law posters at your work place. Some people think that it is completely wastage of time to make and display such posters at your work place but on the other hand there is a group of people who believe that this is one of the wonderful things to do. In my view there are many advantages of using labor law posters and I’m going to describe a few of those advantages in this article.

If you are a business owner and have a number of employees under you then you must know that how difficult it is to address all the employees individually and let them know about basic guidelines about the rules and regulations that they have to follow while working in your workshop. It seems awkward too when you have to find any of your employees in your office every time talking about different issues again and again. If you want to get a flow in your work then it better to display federal labor law poster at your work place. The biggest advantage that you will get by displaying these posters is that you will not have to discuss any of the issues with any one as all of the important rights and duties of labor will be stated on the poster.

You can also use another type of poster that is called safety poster. The main purpose to use a safety poster is to display all those points that are for better safety and security of your employees. It has been observed that usually employees don’t care about their safety and as an end result they get themselves hurt. On these posters it will be written clearly that an employee who will damage his health due to his own fault will be responsible for his own deed. This will help to end the conversation easily about compensations that may be asked by that employee.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Labor Law Posters – Things that must be kept in mind

When it comes to run a business then there are certain rules and regulation that you have to follow. There are specific laws in the country that you are working in that will be implied on you and your business too. You must make sure that you are working under those laws and never try to violate them by any means. If you are running your business in any state of USA then you must make sure that you know all the rules and laws that you have to follow to run your business in that particular state.
In this article we are going to discuss one common law and that is displaying federal labor law posters at your work place. If you have employees that work for you at your work place then you will have to take care of them and you must know that there are certain labor laws that you have to keep in mind. One law is to display labor law posters at your work place and make them visible to all your employees. Visibility of safety posters is very important as they contain important information that can’t be repeated in front of everyone again and again.
It must be your prime responsibility to make these labor law posters in a way that the content of these posters can be understood by any of your employees. If you have employees form different regions and they speak different languages then you should display federal labor law posters in such language that each and everyone can understand. Still, if you think that your safety posters are not making any sense to any of your employee then you should try to use such posters that are in different languages but having same content. This will make the process of understanding easy for your employees and will also help you to say what you want to say. It is important in any business to have proper communication with your employees and using posters is the best way to communicate with your employees on those issues that can’t be discussed again and again.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Hundreds gather in statehouse for public hearing on Iowa’s labor law

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Hundreds of union workers crowded into the Iowa House chamber, into four separate meeting rooms in the state capital and onto three floors of the open “rotunda” area the runs through the center of the building Monday night. A union rally was staged in the statehouse just before a public hearing there about a bill that would make changes in Iowa’s labor law.

Danny Homan, president of the union that represents the largest share of state workers, accused Republicans in the Iowa House of trying to “gut” Iowa’s labor law.

“You know what? They don’t care about you. None of ‘em!” Homan said during the rally. “So it’s time that we let them know we’re not going to take it any more.”

Homan sounded off a sort of roll call for the different unions represented at the rally, from teachers to Teamsters.

“They miscalculated in Wisconsin. They woke up a sleepin’ giant. They did the same thing here,” Homan said. “We’re not going to take it anymore.”

Senate Democratic Leader Mike Gronstal — the first person to speak at the rally — said union organizers in the last century fought, and some died, for the right to bargain collectively.

“We are not going to let a bunch of House Republicans take away what our fathers and grandfathers and great-grandfathers fought for,” Gronstal said.

Of the 61 people who spoke at last night’s public hearing, only five were supporters of the bill. Iowa Association of Business and Industry president Mike Ralston said while workers in the private sector are paying more and more for their health care, the vast majority of state workers get “free” health insurance.

“This has left everyday working Iowans scratching their heads, asking for reform,” Ralston said. “And this bill brings some reform to this unsustainable system.”

Heather Stancil of Earlham told legislators that public employees get a far better deal than she does working in the private sector.

“Can someone please tell me exactly how using my taxpayer dollars to give free health care and a golden retiremenet plan to public employees — plans that are far better than the ones I have — helps me or the middle class?” she asked during the public hearing.

The legislation would no longer allow health care benefits to be discussed during contract negotiations for any government worker in the state — teachers, cops, fire fighters and state workers. The bill also would let public workers peel off from the pack and negotiate their own salary and benefits package. Wayne Sawtelle, a fire fighter from Marshalltown, told legislators that’s just asking for trouble.

“Qualification, experience and training may no longer be the judge of who is promoted, receives a raise or has a set amount of vacation or other benefits,” Sawtelle said. “Whoever gets along best with the boss becomes the main qualification.”

The measure will be debated in the Republican-led Iowa House this week, perhaps as soon as today. [More photos]

Labor Law posters – When does an employer needs to use these

Whenever you do some work, there are certain rules and regulations that have to be followed. Same is the case with running a business and especially if you are running a business in USA then you cannot overlook those rules and regulations. You must have heard about labor law posters. You must have thought why an employer needs to use labor law posters? Well in this article you will get to know that why it is necessary and what are the safety measures and advantages related to it. Suppose that you are an employer and recently you have hired two more employees, now you need to have federal and state labor law posters in your office and in your work place that must be visible to all the workers easily. It is your responsibility that you use these posters in a way that they can be seen very easily.

Still there are certain businesses that do not need to show such banners and state labor law posters and it is because they do not adhere to these rules and regulations that have been implied on businesses by state and federal government. Let’s take an example of a private clinic of a doctor; he will not need to follow all these laws as his clinic doesn’t have all those requirements that can be of a hospital. There are different safety posters for different businesses and it totally depends on the nature of business. If you are running a workshop then you will have to display posters that are related to labor laws. If you run a plumbing company then you will have to display safety posters that address the laws and issues of plumbing industry and so on.

However there are certain rules that you have to follow while displaying these posters. Since you are displaying those posters so that your employees can read them and understand what has been said in them so you will need to display posters in a language that all your employees can understand. If possible, you must use images to make a better sense of the sentences that have been written on those posters.

Monday, March 07, 2011

You Should Know About Florida labor law poster

Florida is one of the attractive places for travelers and tourist. The climate makes it an ideal place to live and enjoy with happiness. There are many laws imposed by the government for this place. These laws are necessary for the people to know to protect their rights. A citizen of Florida should be aware of the labor law poster that is essential to protect their rights. People are also responsible to have awareness of these laws to live a happy and satisfied life.

Florida labor law poster is successfully running and working in this place containing all the essentials of the federal and state. Government has enforced their awareness strictly and people who d violation will have to beat certain penalties. These all laws are necessary for the people to follow for their welfare and well being.

These labor law posters in Florida cover all the necessary information that is dedicated towards the safety of the employees and people. All important aspects and factors are covered in these posters. There is a safety poster law in the place of Florida that is responsible for ensuring the safety standards of the employees working in the state. The safety of people as well as labor is also described in these labor law posters.

The posting of these labor law posters make certain that the employees are obligatory to follow these rules and regulations. It also notify of the compliance among the federal and the state in the Florida. The problems and issues that an employee can face in the organization is covered in these labor law posters. All the essential aspects such as discrimination, child labor laws, anti fraud notice, workers compensation, unemployment insurance.

The essentials and requirements of the federal posted in these posting are the family and medical leave act, equal employment opportunity in the law, federal minimum wage, employee polygraph protection act, USERRA, job safety and health protection and uniformed services employment and reemployment rights act. These all essential aspect is necessary to be implemented in these postings to have a compliance with the state.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

What is the Function of New York labor law posters?

New York is the biggest populated state of the United States. The companies are obligatory to post the labor law posters in accordance with the federal and state fulfillment. The posting of these posters will ensure about the safety and rights of the workforce at the workplace. It is also necessary for the compliance of the companies with the NY state rules and regulations.

Companies should spread the awareness of these labor law posters at the workplace and their importance in the employee minds. New York labor law posters require the employers of the company to inform and engage the employees in following these laws and performing their activities accordingly. These employee and employer should follow the rules mutually without any dispute to avoid any violation.

The necessary aspects of the labor law poster in the New York are: child labor, disability benefits, minimum wage, discrimination notice, unemployment insurance, right to know, time off to vote notice, clean indoor air act etc. These all aspects are necessary to be there in the labor law posters to ensure the safety and health measures. Thus it must be covering all the information that is obligatory for the awareness of the employee.

These all essentials of the labor law posters are necessary for the compliance of the company and the state. The essentials and requirements of the federal postings include aspects such as; family and medical leave act, federal minimum wage, employee polygraph protection act, equal employment opportunity in the law etc. These all aspects are essentials and requirements from the federal postings that should be there in the posters for the employee well being and safety. It also includes the job safety and heath protection reemployment right act and USERRA-uniformed services employment and reemployment rights act.
New York labor law posters include all the essentials of the federal, mandatory and the state. These postings are very popular and safe as they conduct regular revisions and are up to date. The time and the money of the employee is also saved by means of these posters.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Safety Posters: A Cushion Against Danger

The safety posters that are displayed in the workstations are very vital. This is because there furnish the employees with the required information appertaining to their security and safety at their work stations. These posters provide the workers with the necessary communication and are a common feature in industries that deal with chemicals and hazardous products.

It is mandatory that all businesses should avail safety posters for the workers. It is also in line with the legal requirements that these posters should be displayed in potentially dangerous areas in the work stations. This differs with the labor law poster which can be displayed at any strategic point. By so doing, the workers are adequately warned on the dangers that lie ahead in those points.

The government courtesy of the Department of Labor in all countries world wide has come up with standard safety posters. For those companies that do not display the safety posters they face possible penalties ranging from fines to even losing their licenses. Situations where employees suffer injuries and the enterprise had not fitted safety posters are many and have invoked fines to the particular business firms.

The safety posters protect both the employer as well as the employee. The employee is protected courtesy of the information detailing the dangers whereas the employer is protected from government and from any other eventuality.

Employers are guaranteed protection in situations where an employee suffers grievous bodily harm at the work station as long as the safety posters are in place. A good example would be that of a poster that details information about the hazards of using a particular machine on ones hand. In case an accident happens to one of the employee’s and they loose his or her hand the business would be protected provided that they had displayed a relevant poster with adequate information.

It is necessary and sufficient that the poster displayed should be appropriate and in line with the dangers that could occur in the vicinity. The Federal and State Labor law posters go hand in hand with the safety posters.