Monday, April 27, 2009

It is trend to pass Employee Free Choice Act

Nowadays almost every American is waiting for the approval of Employee Free Choice Act, including the America’s veterans.

Many of America’s veterans have come out in favor of the Employee Free Choice Act, among them, active and retired union members who have served in the armed forces. In Arkansas, these veterans got together Wednesday to talk about the Employee Free Choice Act. It’s the long cherished dream for them to form a union and fairness and respect in the workplace. It is one of the values that they fought for years.

Under the Employee Free Choice Act, employees will be more able to organize as a labor union bargaining for better wages and working conditions. If passed, employees could have more rights given by the EFCA to strike a better deal with their employers, making business and industry owners fairly share profits earned by employees' labors.

The Employee Free Choice Act is American’s needs. All Americans needs to stand up with their co-workers who need protection from firings and harassment.
We all need to step up and get involved in this campaign because this is our best shot to reform the current laws.

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