Monday, June 22, 2009

N.C. law strengthens rules for child labor

Gov. Bev Perdue on Friday signed into law a bill aimed at improving enforcement of the state's child labor rules.

The N.C. labor commissioner is required by the new law to provided detailed reports on the state’s efforts to protect child labor.

The Labor Department is obligatory to report each year on the number and types of complaints it received. Besides, it must report that how it investigated those complaints and the identity of employers cited for violations.

The labor commissioner also have the reasons about what kind of obstacles they have met which stop the Department of Labor from enforcing youth employment rules , and then provide recommendations about how to better protect working children.

The legislation was passed unanimously in the House and Senate. It followed stories in the Observer last year that chronicled how thousands of American youths are injured working jobs deemed unsafe for young workers.

According to the present law, state regulator can not fine the violators of labor law more that $250. That's among the nation's lowest penalties for child-labor violations.
Now we know that one of the reason that there are so many violators as the do not afraid to be fined.

We are glad to see that there is another bill which aimed to increase penalties for violations of child labor law has passed the House and awaits action in the Senate finance committee.

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