Wednesday, January 06, 2010

2010 United States Minimum Wage

In January 2009, many states increased their minimum wage. But in 2010, only a few states change their minimum wage and most of the states are keeping steady.

The state of Kansas increased its minimum wage from $2.65 per hour to 7.25 per hour on January 1, 2010. This is the first time in recent twenty years that increased the minimum wage. Now, Kansas is not the state with the lowest minimum wage. There are five states have no minimum wage whatsoever, like Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana and South Carolina.

Different from other states, some state decreased its minimum wage. Colorado decreased its minimum wage by 4 cents from $7.28 per hour to $7.24 per hour. The employees who are covered by the federal minimum wage enjoy $7.25 per hour. Those states increase the minimum wage in terms of the cost of living. The following state don’t increase the minimum wage this year, they are Ohio, Washington, Oregon, Vermont, Nevada, Montana, Missouri and Arizona.

Totally speaking, except Georgia, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Arkansas have a minimum wage lower than the federal minimum wage, 14 states have minimum wages higher than the federal rate of $7.25 per hour, while 26 states have a minimum wage of $7.25.


samudrapandian said...

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Norman said...

It is very disturbing decreasing wages to us the amricans they just should increase it not decrease it everything is so expensive these days and the wages decreased that is not right at all we just should be making twice more than a couple of years ago but no that can not be how about the rents and the houses and food clothes and everything else all that mentioned should be decresed as well if the wages went down how come everything is expensive for us it is not fair.

Norman said...

Im an upset hispanic american i dont care what people have to say about latinos exept for mexicans when I dont like them at all.The wages are autreageous and this country should raise them not lower them thats insane what this country has done to us rents mortgages food and everyhing else should go down on prices as well just like wages have I dont care what rasist people have to say out there and all these millionares they are the ones who should be paying the hihg prices and make it fair for us that work our ass off everyday for this rich people dont have to do shit this world will come to an end if such thing continues the way it is.