Monday, March 14, 2011

Comparison and contrast of Network labor law posters with Arizona labor posters

Labor law poster format and issues are almost same in different states but a few points differ. Labor law posters ensure the well beings of employees and their safety and security. With the help of these posters workers are provided with all the essential information regarding their rights and the benefits provide by the company or organization. These posters are made according to the federal and state posters of the particular state. As it is the duty of every employer to inform his workers about labor laws and their rights. Providing all the necessary general and basic information about the rights, duties and benefits of employees can prevent future disputes between employees and employer. Safety posters are a part of these posters which can help the workers a lot in getting safety information. In this article we are going to compare and contrast the Network labor law posters with Arizona labor posters.

In Arizona labor posters and New York labor law posters the requirement of federal posters are almost the same. In both posters, in the federal division the issues of job safety, equal opportunity for employment, wages according to the minimum wage standards, medical leaves, family illness leaves, reemployment and other related issues are discussed.

But considering the state posters of labor law: both state i.e. Arizona and New York, have different posters. And the posting within them are also different. The Arizona labor posters for the state contains postings like: workers compensation in case of any mishap, insurance of unemployment, in case of hazardous material exposure: listing the impacts of hazardous material and the impacts o human body, elimination of discrimination and other health protection issues. But in the case of New York labor law posters, the postings in the state posters include: the awareness of workers i.e. workers have the right to know each and every aspect of their employment benefits and drawbacks, the act regarding clean indoor air in which workers have the equal opportunity to breath clean air and have access to it, insurance for unemployed workers who have previously worked in the particular company, benefits for the workers who have become disabled due to some mishap, opposition of child labor etc.You can get the details of these posters from the web sites as many web sites are there who can guide you about the details of the state and federal posters of both Arizona and New York.

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