Friday, April 27, 2012

Employees Should Be Well-Informed About Their Employment Rights

Now-a-days, it has become mandatory by federal and state laws to post the safety codes, labor regulations, labor laws and all other important notices that are relevant for employees. The main aim of the labor law poster is to provide detailed information about the rights of the employees so that they are well-aware of their rights that are eligible for under the state laws. In general, the labor law posters are placed in locations such as lunch rooms, job sites and break room so that they are visible to every employee.  In order to give a quick glimpse to the employees about their rights, the important content of the state law is incorporated in single Labor law poster.

The main of the labor law posters is to educate the employees about their rights so that they are assured about the protection of their employment rights and cannot make false claim on the organization’s working environment. There are numerous kinds of posters designed for each law such as Safety poster for Job Health and Safety Law, minimum wage poster for Minimum Wage Law, Workers with disabilities poster for Employee Right for Workers with Disabilities/ Special Minimum Wage Law and many more. The latest addition in the important labor law posters is NLRA poster. NLRA stands for National Labor Relations Act and the poster specification for this poster are set by National Labor Relations Bureau (NLRB).

The federal court in Washington, D.C., supported the new requirements of the poster. NLRA poster is mandatory to be posted in all private sector organizations that have unions working in their businesses. NLRB has mandated that all private sector employers post the official notices in large size to inform the employees about their rights under NLRA. However, the labor law is also required in those organizations that do not have unions currently. Almost all the private sector employers who fall under the jurisdiction of National Labor Relations Bureau (NLRB) have to comply with the requirement of NLRA poster and only airlines, railroads and agricultural employers are exempted from this mandatory requirement.

Hence, National Labor Relations Bureau (NLRB) has mandated that the NLRA poster is posted along with other employee notices so that the employees are well-aware of their rights. According to National Labor Relations Bureau (NLRB), the notice size must be 11 x 17 inches and should be so long that the employers can reproduce the same poster with similar format, content, size, font or font size. Hence, the employers of the private sector must instantly post the poster so that they abide with the labor law poster regulations.


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Chaunce Stanton said...

Earlier in April 2012 the courts placed an injunction on the NLRB posting requirement. Please refer to our blog for up-to-date information.

Daniel Crow said...

There is no end to the benefits of knowing the ins and outs of your rights. In the workplace, this can be really imperative, many people will seek to take advantage of you so you would do well to make yourself aware. In the same away that safety posters are displayed, so too should NLRA posters and labor law posters. If you are an independent consultant as many are with Von Essen Consulting then it is even more imperative that you understand the law and your rights in the workplace, regardless of the length of contract.