Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to Manage a Diverse Workforce

Employers in various industries ranging from high tech to agriculture have known that they face a potential labor shortage. It is reported that the labor shortage will be particularly acute in the area of skilled labor.

As a result, employers have to employ persons who used to work in other industries. Then the traditional misunderstanding about employees should work in the same industry confronts with challenge. For example, employees in the hospital industry are not supposed to skip to other areas.

However it is not to say that we should encourage people to skip their work for this industry to another. It is a reminder that people in your organization may differ in background and experience. A diverse workforce is one which improves productivity by affording all employees a positive work environment and opportunity to advance within an organization.

As an employer who has employees with multi-experience, one should do as follows:

Set strict rules about non-discrimination in the workplace.

Have a clear idea about what qualifications are needed for a certain position and make sure the each person has the right job based on quality rather than his experience.

Post your job listing advertisements in newspapers that have a diverse audience so that you reach new candidates in different communities

Monitor regularly efforts you have made and determine what activities have played a positive role in diverse workforce;
Showcase diversity in your annual report, on your website, and in every opportunity to communicate with the public.

Form your own corporate culture. As your employees come from different areas, they have been educated or cultivated in their particular ways; you must have your own corporate culture to pull them together.

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