Thursday, March 26, 2009

A new step to increase Kansas Minimum wage

Up to now, the state Kansas has the lowest minimum wage among all the American states. The Kansas minimum wage is only $2.65 an hour, For the last two decades, Democrats and their allies have been making efforts to raise Kansas’ minimum wage

A bill to raise Kansas' minimum wage won House approval Wednesday. Kansas’ minimum wage is supposed to rise to $7.25 an hour under the policy.

This is a new step on the basis of the moving efforts of Democrats, Labor unions and anti-poverty advocates have made on the road to higher minimum wage.

Although the new bill won many support, there are some person disagree with it. The protester hold that increase the wage only raises employers’ costs, causing them to cut low-wage, entry-level jobs.

However on the whole, it is an avoidable trend to raise the minimum wage of Kansas. It is already not a yes-no question but only a matter of time because it is wish of the community.

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