Monday, January 10, 2011

Country's Labor Laws

California labor law poster is related to the notice of the employers working in many various companies. The government of the California asked their employees to right and post number of posters. They are instructed to aware all the employees about their legal rights. Every employee must have the knowledge of their legal rights. They all are also asked to hang or paste on the wall of the promises so that any employee working in the same office can get easily from there. For this there are many company who selling written and laminated poster at a good charges. State has said to the employee, relating to the instructed notice, if they are not arrange the posters then they can purchase it and further said that every employee should post, at least, eighteen poster each so that notice can be paste or hang on the wall of the office.

There are some information related to the hanging notice which describes the reason to post are such as California minimum wages, pay day notice, safety and health protection on the job and emergency phone numbers etc. Labor law posters are very important because it make aware to the people about much information of law and regulation. Like California labor law posters other countries also uses this technique.

There is some type’s instruction that is to be followed by the employees is this that the poster should be hanging on a sort of wall where another person can see easily. So we can more say about this that these posters are the main basic source of the information by which people are given information. Posters have always been use for a long time for showing information. So frankly speaking the labor law poster is a kind of poster which process of writing and showing is same but it is differentiated by the task for which it is being written. In other world we can say that it is the notice for giving information. Labor law posters can be seen in various places. Safety poster are the same poster and its process is same but motive is deferent than labor law.