Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to choose a labor Law poster

The Labor law poster is an initiative of the government to educate the workers and employees of different organization on his fundamental rights and obligations. It is a rule made by the government to favor all the workers of different organization. According to the law, a business holding more than two employees, should display these posters for the benefit of their employees.

However the labor law posters can be of different types, as a result, the employer should be well aware of his requirements or consult higher officials of the government in these matters. The government has two levels of labor laws, the federal and State labor laws. The federal labor laws are those which are general laws for all workers of the country specially those who are working under the organization, in contract with the federal government. The State laws are those which include state specific laws so it varies from one state to another. Also it may be noted that company policies are different, hence the law poster can never be same for all companies in a state. The poster for a law firm can never serve a construction firm. The employers have to decide on the correct law poster for their organization. The poster contains information on minimum wages, leave policy, harassment and hazards, working hours, uniformity of employment and many others. In addition to this the employers can include their firm specific rules and regulations but they cannot edit any of the existing policies.

There are safety posters to guide the workers in crucial times. These posters include guidelines on various health and safety measures. Like in chemical plants or construction firms these safety posters are highly required. For example, posters guide on usage of fire extinguisher in case there is a fire. Also these posters guide the workers to have a clean workplace by avoiding drug abuse, violence and injuries. These Labor law posters are not only helpful to the employees but also to the employers as a lawfully maintained business unit, with happy employees, gives budding prosperity and prestige to the employer.

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