Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Brief Introduction of Labor law poster

The labor law poster is displayed in very convenient places within the organization. The break rooms and bathrooms are ideal spots for displaying these posters. The posters have a dimension usually of approximately 3ft to 2ft. Many employees do not take time to read the essential detail contained in these posters. These posters are required to be displayed by law and there are very important for each and every business.

Below are some very crucial factors that outline the importance of having the labor law poster. The starting point is identifying where they come from and who is the authority behind them. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration is an organization base in the USA and works to safe guard the employees’ rights in their work place. Some of the employee rights are stipulated under the federal labor law poster. Due to the varying laws governing different states, there are state labor law posters available. The safety posters are also very essential and should be displayed in every organization.

The labor law posters must be displayed with exceptions of;
1. Lack of employees
2. The employees are on contract and volunteers
3. The business is owned by a family
There are a total of nine federal postings that include;
1. Anti- discrimination
2. Federal Minimum Wage
3. Employment Acts
4. Reemployment Acts
5. Equal Employment opportunity
6. Employee Polygraph security Act

The requirements of each state differ, In the situation that ten percent of the employees speak Spanish and are in states such as California, Arizona, Florida, New York, Texas among others then they labor law poster must also be translated and posted in Spanish. Notably, the rule mentioned above does apply to other languages.
The 1988 Employee Polygraph Protection Act protects the employees from being exposed to assessments such as the lie detector exams. Employers are therefore required by lay to display the Employee Polygraph Protection act for all employees to read and understand. Another right that the employees should be aware of is the fact that the employer should not discriminate on grounds of sex or age. The law governing this is the Equal Opportunity Act.The Labor law poster is displayed to educate the employees of their rights in relation to their employment.

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