Sunday, February 13, 2011

Labor Law Poster: Benefit of Employees

Labor Law Poster, an initiative Of U.S Division of Labor, has now become a mandate for every business having its operation in Unites States of America. It is the requirement of the country, that the workers of any organization should have enough knowledge on their fundamental and legal rights in a workplace. And to cater these needs, the Government has introduced Labor Law posters, a guide to all the issues of a worker from the legal point of view. The law posters are manuscripts of all the issues of workers like minimum wages, insurance policies, working hours, sick, family, maternity leave policies, health and safety, disability, uniformity in employment and many others.

However it must be noted that the Labor law posters differentiate according to the nature of business. In obvious terms, the rules and policies for a law firm can never match with that of construction firm. The employers have to choose the particular poster best fitted to their organization. The U.S Department of Labor has a facility of eLaws Poster Advisor on their website that helps the employers to determine, which posters are necessary for a particular business. The employer is taken through a series of questions to determine the exact requirement and then the Advisor produces a list of the required posters. The employer needs to display the posters in a place where it is in perfect view for all the employees to refer, like the lunch or reception area. For the benefit of the mass of employees it should be in simple language. The employers can add specific company related policies in the posters but they cannot edit the existing ones.

There are two levels of labor law safety posters the Federal and the State Labor law posters. The federal law poster describes all the fundamental rights of the workers, all over the country. But the state laws are unique since they differ from state to state. So while displaying the poster, the employer should display both the laws and also the updated ones, keeping in mind that violating this mandate can result into severe penalties and cash fines.

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