Monday, November 14, 2011

The Importance of Safety Posters

Safety Posters are vital in the workplace. In fact, these are important in all spaces, most especially public areas. They serve as essential guides for the citizen to act accordingly. Without these, can you imagine how much chaos could result? People could be haphazardly doing whatever they want, wherever.
The idea of putting up these posters is a sign that people need to be more disciplined in their actions, particularly when in public areas. Compliance to rules is always necessary to ensure security. However, putting up posters is one thing but following them is another. If people are disciplined and understand precisely why the safety posters are put up, then the community will have an easier time when public protection and regulation are concerned.
Last August 2011, the National Labor Relations Board released a ruling that requires all business establishments in America to have at least one Labor Law Poster. Any business that did not comply with this ruling will be penalized with a sanction. This is a great step towards a disciplined labor environment in America and hopefully, it will lessen, or even better, eradicate the lack of discipline of most employers regarding the rights of the ordinary employee.
The law will officially become obligatory on November 2011, and the Labor Law Compliance center has been set up to distribute state Labor Law posters all over the country. These Labor Law posters will be classified into listings such as the NLRA, Equal Opportunity Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, Employee Polygraph Protection, Fair Labor Standards Act and Occupational Safety and Uniformed Services (USERRA).
Each employer in America is expected to understand these rules and follow them with strict compliance. Preferably, these are posted in a place where there is high foot traffic, or where it can conspicuously be seen. These posters come with the option of being bilingual (English/Spanish). To provide companies with utmost convenience, these posters are going to be shipped free of charge courtesy of the country’s Department of Labor.
In the same manner, the Department of Labor expects companies and small-to-medium enterprises to know the full details of these Labor Laws and will dutifully follow them. These posters will also have a section dedicated to safety and health in the workplace.
Of course, as every employer will be expected to put these up in popular areas, the employers themselves should take their time to read and understand these laws as well.

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Harry "Harrying" Ferrari said...

Majority of government posters is common sense unfortunately sense isn't common just like a sense of humour. Don't tell me you work on posters in a government department or poster enforcer? Like your zeal.