Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Safety Posters in Private Businesses to be Mandated

The National Labor Relations Board recently decreed that all private business establishments across America should display a set of Labor law posters signifying the legitimacy of their business. These State and Federal labor law posters are identical for all states, although some states require more posters to be displayed than others.
The ruling came as the answer to the NLRB’s continuous efforts to stop unfair labor practices that are, unfortunately, common across America. The NLRB is an independent government agency that heads tasks forces in leading labor union elections and inspecting businesses accused of poor business practices. With the US Department of Labor, the NLRB hopes to eradicate terrible habits in private businesses by educating the employees first.
These Federal Labor Law Posters, first and foremost, are expected to be understood clearly by private business owners. Whether you’re a small family business entrepreneur or a top CEO at a manufacturing plant, you must have the basic idea of what employees are subject to. The Labor Law covers many topics regarding minimum wage and wage regulations, hour regulations, health and safety, employee discrimination, child labor laws, and many more.
The Safety poster made by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is the most important aspect of the Labor Law Posters. In this, the employee is warned against unsafe and hazardous working conditions that could potentially injure or harm others. The work place should be maintained clean and safe in the strictest conduct. Any area found unsafe will be subject to inspection by the OSHA if the employer doesn’t take action. In this, the OSHA instructs employees that they can be directly contacted if the employers retaliate or fail to improve the working conditions.
These Labor Law and Safety Posters are made available in two languages, English and Spanish, and it’s up to the employers if they will display of the bilingual posters. The NLRB has mandated that the posters be displayed in conspicuous places where workers are usually found. For companies with off-site locations, posters are required to be posted in all locations as possible. If found lacking, the NLRB sanctions these companies. Violation can be punishable by warnings but can cost the company anywhere from $1000 to $50,000 depending on the severity of violation. In some cases, non-compliance will result in court orders.
The objective of these Labor Law Posters is to give clear and easy access to employees and wage earners, giving them the knowledge they need and the benefits that they deserve. The NLRB hopes to better the working condition of every American establishment.

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