Sunday, June 10, 2012

Labor law posters for Businesses in New York

Employers of New York need to post some particular notices regarding the laws of labor, these notices are to be displayed at the workplace on the areas where the employees can easily see and read.  If the employers do not post the notices at such places, the employers can be fined or made to bear penalties. As to the posted notices, they may include Safety posters, state labor law posters and federal labor law posters.

It is mandatory for all the private employers and the government agencies that have contracted with government for over $25000 to issue and post a policy statement with anti-drug content with respect to the drug free workplace act of 1998. The New York labor law posters are to be posted by the New York employers so that their employees can know and recognize their rights according to the State and Federal Laws. The New York employers need to post the notices regarding the labor laws so that they may fulfill the compliance requirements. The employers can post three different kinds of posters like one regarding the state laws, another regarding the federal laws and the third having the complete details of all the laws.

Instead of posting two separate notices for federal and state laws, employers can post the complete labor law poster that includes regulations regarding both federal laws and state laws. All the required details can be conveniently mentioned on this complete poster. The employees can completely be aware of their rights regarding all laws by viewing the poster at a one location. It should include all the details that were to be mentioned separately in the federal law poster and the state law poster. The posters should be posted in the language that is commonly understood by all the employees.

The employer might want to post the posters separately according to the laws, one for state labor laws and one for federal labor laws. The state labor law poster consists of all the rights of employees set by the state governmental laws. As the state labor laws change from time to time, it can prove to be economical to post a separate state law poster as it can be changed while the federal labor law poster need not be changed. These posters represent the separate requirements of the state law. And the separate federal labor law posters consist of regulations and rights of the employees as set by the federal law.

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