Thursday, August 23, 2012

Arizona Labor Law Posters Face Unique Hurdles

The state of Arizona has grown immensely in the past decade. Many of the cities in Arizona have been listed as some of the fastest growing cities in the United States during that span. This influx of people has led to many new businesses opening up. While construction was one of the biggest industries to grow during this time, there are also many other businesses that have been built up to support all of the new residents to the states. Arizona is not that different from any other state when it comes to the rights that employers and employees have.

All businesses in the State of Arizona are required to have the federal labor law posters and the Arizona labor posters placed in a conspicuous place that all of the employees of the business can see. The most common place for this is the employee break area, but there is no rule that states exactly where it has to be. As long as it is in a place that is visible to all employees, it is okay. These posters explain the rights that all of the employees of the business and the employers have in regards to the workplace.

The federal poster lists the rules and regulations that include the federally mandated minimum wage, the safety standards for a business, the family medical and leave act and the equal opportunity regulations to name just a few. The Federal and State labor law posters will include regulations that every state imposes for issues that are specific to them. This can include a higher minimum wage than is federally required, rules about minors working in a business and information about breaks for employees.

Because Arizona has many people employed in businesses such as construction that do not always have an office or a building where the business is located, it is not always as easy to display the posters that are required. That does not mean that they are not required or that they are not important. It does mean that the state has to come up with rules that deal with this problem. Another problem for Arizona is the amount of people working illegally. These people might not think that the rights of workers apply to them, but they still can. The state needs to make sure they are making the efforts to educate everyone about their rights and the access they should have to the information on the posters. It is never going to be a process that is 100 percent perfect, but it can be something that helps a lot of people.

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