Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Labor laws 101: Correct way of posting notices for employees’ protection

Companies post information on employees’ bulletin boards often. Employees don’t really pay attention to them so much though. Either they briefly read them or simply walk pass them. Reality is they should read these notices from time to time regarding important labor laws.

Most of these labor laws postings are overlooked but they are apparently mandated for obvious display by the federal and state governments. They require their contact numbers, content and details printed on the posters so employees can contact them directly if there are any concerns or complaints. These pinpoint basically the protection of the employees working in different companies.

Labor Laws 101

There are several state and federal laws that states several requirements and prohibitions on companies. Employers are responsible to post various government labor laws notices in the workplace. There are several companies who neglect to do so. The bulletin boards posts information regarding employees’ rights under labor laws. They provide information on how to report any incidents related to discrimination, issues with wage and other hour violations that infringe the rights of the employees to the government.

These posters state information for employees on how to bring legal action against companies. The federal Fair Labor Standards Act requires all employers to post federal minimum wage poster in an area usually visited by employees. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA regulations distinctively oblige employers and business owners to post a federal safety and health poster in the workplace.

Take note that there are several penalties if companies fail to comply with government labor laws. Fines may range from $110 to $10,000. Companies who don't post these required notices or post old notices could be punished with a fine up to $17,000.

Steps to follow for proper posting

·         Contact a private company who specializes in labor law posters. These firms will do the research for the company. They will collect all required notices. They usually charge around $30 or more for posters but most businesses are willing to pay this amount to research that takes a lot of time.
·         Post on visible locations of the office where all employees can read the notices all the time such as where employees time in or in their lunch areas. Also building lobbies or applicant areas are good options.
·     Always be updated with postings. Usually, agencies revised these types of posters often and states if the law changes, minimum wage increases, new court decisions and if there are some new procedural requirements. 
·         Since the government has no obligation to notify them once they issue an updated version, stay updated by frequently checking government websites or contact agencies directly to inquire regarding new postings.
·         Take note that these posters cannot be changed, stolen or even defaced. It is better to laminate them or put them in glass cases to avoid the following.

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