Sunday, November 25, 2012

Updating Labor Law Posters and Its Necessity

To protect the rights of workers, more and more regulations are being set in place these days. One of the regulations is related to labor law posters. According to this regulation, the work place should have posters containing information about rights and benefits of workers posted in visible locations.

The updated labor law posters should have following points written on them.

One of the laws is about harassment and discrimination issues in workplace. Another important law is about the insurance benefits after losing the job or getting retired. The labor law posters should also contain information about safety measures and health protection of the workers in workplace. It is really important to have such posters in such workplace where labor has to work in potentially harmful environment. Along with all this, the updated labor law posters should also contain information about the minimum wages and bonuses that the company offers during holidays. It must be noted here that the information written on posters is not same for all organizations. The poster information will completely depend on the type of work that has been carried out in a particular workplace.

The most important thing is to make sure that workers clearly understand the labor law posters. Due to said reason, employers should know about nationality of workers so posters in their native languages can also be posted in the workplace. This will help workers get a clear understanding about what is written on updated labor law posters. Employers should ensure that the posters are shown in all those areas that are frequently visited by workers, e.g. entrance of the work place, rest rooms and cafeteria etc.

There are frequent changes and updates in laws so it is highly recommended to replace old posters with updated labor law posters every 3 or 6 months. This will ensure that the posters contain latest information about rights of workers issued by Government authorities. The updated information can be easily found on government website or any other website that covers legal issues related to the industry in question. In many cases, copies of latest labor laws and notification of changes are sent directly to the employers. Hence, it is really important to make updated labor law posters visible in workplace to ensure safety and rights of workers. An industry without basic rights of workers can never survive and that is why, being an employer it is your responsibility to educate your workers about their rights and benefits they are entitled to.

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