Tuesday, December 18, 2012

All You Want to Know About Labor Law Posters

For those who are working in some sort of organization in the Unites states, encountering a labor law poster is not uncommon. However, many people ignore the importance of a labor law poster. These posters are publicly visible in many areas of the office premises and so most of the time they are not given due attention. Actually these 3 feet x 2 feet posters are pretty important. All the businesses in the country must display such labor law posters.

The posters are mandated and supervised by Occupational Safety and Health Administration Department (OSHA) and the body requires that every organization that has employees, must display a labor law poster containing employee rights. The posters are also a mix of various labor related federal and state laws.
One does not need to display a labor law poster if :
  • One’s organization has no employees  
  • All of the workers are contract based or volunteers
  • The ownership of business is family only
In total, there are around 9 basic posting requirements in every state, although speciality varies from state to state. Some of the common postings requirements are as followed:
  • Equal opportunity to the employees
  • Minimum wage law (federal) 2009
  • Employment & the Reemployment Rights Act
  • Polygraph protection act

Also the rules vary widely from state to state. For example, if more than 10 % of your employees are native Spanish speakers then in some of the states like Texas, Arizona, California, Florida, and New York you must display labor law posters in both Spanish and English.

Some of the common laws in the country which employers are required to contain in the labor law posters include laws and acts such as the anti-polygraph test. The employees can be, in no condition, forced to undergo a lie detector test both before employment and during their tenure as an employee for the organization. Thus every organization must display this poster in clear view of their workers.

Similarly, the labor law posters also must include the Equal Opportunity for Employment Act under which no one can discriminate against people seeking job opportunities due to their age. Thus it becomes obvious that the organizations must proceed with caution and have their labor law posters displayed and updated. The changes in the laws also need to be updated regularly on the posters. That means you have to always post the latest labor law posters for your employees.

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