Saturday, December 29, 2012

Anticipated Changes in Labor Law Posters 2013

Labor law posters can have some changes this year depending on the amendments in regulation at both federal and state level.  The posters are mandatory to display at some places inside the organization premises. These 3 feet by 2 feet posters help to create awareness among employees about their work environment regulations, restrictions and rights. Thus, the organization must provide an environment that is comfortable for the employees to work in.
The labor law posters 2013, which will be the updated version of the posters from last year, are supervised and mandated by the OSHA just like law posters in other departments. The 2013 posters may see a variety of changes on the state basis, but no major changes at the federal level are expected.
Some of the confirmed changes for 2013 are:
  • Minimum wage act in Florida (2013 – State level)
  • Fair employment act Massachusetts
  •  Criteria to Establish an Employer or Independent Contractor act – New Hampshire
There are also many other laws which are still under consideration and amendments in them are not yet fixed. Many of the laws are at the federal level and some of them at the state level. The changes in these laws must be reflected properly in the labor law posters 2013.
The changes such as in Florida for minimum wage will require that the state minimum wage rate must be adjusted annually. It is based on the changes in the consumer price index (CPI). The state agency has indicated a minimum wage rate in Florida will increase to $7.79 per hour for the non-tipped workers and to $4.77 for tipped workers effective from 1st January, 2013.
Similarly, the state of Louisiana can expect an updated earned income credit policy which will mean this will affect the tax policy. Such changes are important so bussinesses must bring this to notice of employees regarding these laws.
The labor law posters 2013 can vary from state to state with time as the implementation of the amendments to the laws can vary from late December to early February. However, the Federal changes will be decided in January 2013 which every organization must reflect clearly in their labor law posters 2013 on the company grounds. These changes help the employees stay updated with labor laws and have complete and thorough knowledge about their rights and privileges.  The updated laws are to ensure that the employees will live a comfortable life with the payment and the working environment.

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