Sunday, January 06, 2013

What Are Mandatory Labor Law Posters and Their Role in Business

With the development of the economy, there are also some problems that need to be solved. One of them is protecting the right of the workers. In many businesses, due to the employers’ preference of profit, many employers treated unfairly with their workers, such as paying a low salary, providing a poor working condition or forcing them to work more than 8 hours per day without paying any extra money. In the US, the government generated a regulation that helps to protect the right of the worker, and that is the requirement for mandatory labor law posters. This poster will provide necessary information about the right of the workers and it must be posted in public workplaces so that all workers can know about it.

To ensure the publicity of the mandatory labor law posters, it often is hanged or stuck on the place that is easy to see. The content of the law poster should cover some specific topics. They include the insurance benefits for unemployment, the protection of Safety and Health in working, the prevention of harassment and discrimination in workplace and also some emergency information. Moreover, the information related to the wage such as the minimum wage, the level of wage for different type of workers, bonuses for holiday and so on, such topics must be covered in the mandatory labor law poster.

The difference between mandatory labor law posters may come from the different features in the pattern of the business. Different industries may have different laws and also different requirements about which law should be displayed in the poster. Moreover, the big company may have to list more laws in the poster than the small company. Moreover, it is noticed that although English is recognized as an international language, it still is hard for some workers from other countries to understand fully the law in English. Because of this issue, it is recommended that the law should also be displayed in some other language such as Spanish, depending on the workers in every particular company and factories.

Finally, the mandatory labor law posters should be changed over time because the law may be updated in the future. The employer should notice about the changes in order to have the update posters and ensure the right of their workers. Information about the changes can be found on the official website of the department of labor.

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