Friday, April 26, 2013

Posted Regulations: Keep Employers Grounded

Some companies love the idea of posting rules and reminders all over the workplace. They feel that employees need reminders all the time. When employees are late, they feel that reminding employees of their hours of work and operations is necessary. When employees are slow, they remind employees of quota and work targets. They do this by posting engaging notices about bonuses if they reach or fail to meet their quota. They even have signage about health and wellness especially if the main problem of most employees is drinking, or smoking. When utility expenses are high, companies have the shutdown signs all over the place. They may even place these reminders as computer wallpapers if not workstation stickers. Aside from the employee handbook and memos that employees have to sign, they also receive newsletters and other leaflets. All of which remind them of their responsibilities and obligations as employees of the company.

One cannot really blame the employers in utilizing reminders as a management strategy. Posters, signage, stickers, notices, and memos are effective way of keeping employees focused. These are effective supplemental elements aside from weekly meetings and one-on-one coaching sessions. They help change the employees’ frame of mind. These tools make them become results-oriented and performance-oriented. However, among all the posters employees see at work, one of them stands out. One of them becomes the employees’ favorite. This type of poster is the labor law poster.

Labor law poster does not simply remind employees. They focus on employees’ rights. They stand out in the workplace because they shout out from the walls and tell people that the law protects these rights. This adds more value and weight to every word stated in such posters.  These posters do not focus on what the employee needs to do, but on what their employers should do. In fact, these posters even spell out employer’s obligations to their employees. Moreover, these posters also show the employees’ remedy under the law if their employers fail to meet their obligations. 

These posters show that employers value their employees and they respect their rights in the workplace. These posters add value to the employees. These posters emphasize that workers have the right to equal employment opportunities, to job safety and health, to minimum wage and many more. For once, the posted regulations are not for the employees alone but they also serve as reminders to employers. They remind employers to take care of their workers. Most of all, these posters clearly state the possible penalties that employers face should they violate them. These posters show that the government makes sure that the employees’ welfare is one of the company’s priorities. Companies acknowledge all these rights, and express their intention to comply with the law by putting these posters in the workplace. In so doing, companies make it clear that in as much as they expect quality work from their employees they are also willing to serve their employees. This means providing employees everything that the law states they deserve.

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