Monday, May 06, 2013

Be a Better Manager with Right Posters in Right Places

It is more challenging to become a better manager these days compared to any generation. Seniority is no longer the only basis for getting promoted. Education alone cannot be your ticket to success as well. The executives you know may not always recommend you. However, experience and performance are the main reasons why some managers get promoted faster than their colleagues. Therefore, to be on top of your league means you have to perform better all the time.

Managers are pressured to do well and to deliver more than what is expected of them. Unfortunately, as a manager you are no longer assessed based on your individual performance. Your team or your department is under the microscope. Your team’s inefficiency is on your scorecard. You have to deal with your men’s inefficiency before the higher-ups deal with you.

However, spending your time dealing with unnecessary issues in the workplace caused by your people will not help you improve your own scorecard. First, you have to check how your daily life goes as their manager. How do you spend your time at work? How do you manage your own time?

  • What are you busy dealing with?
  • What are you busy managing?
  • Are you spending more time improving performance?
  • Are you all too focused managing inefficiency instead?

There is no point spending hours in front of your computer reminding your team of what or what not to do in the workplace. It is also a waste of time if all you do is issue memos to people who violate workplace policies and procedures. It is definitely unacceptable to spend hours meeting with the executive group trying to defend your team or your man who violated certain these policies and procedures. This is true especially if such violations translate into federal or state law violations which can harm company’s reputation and finances.

One of the fastest and most effective ways to deal with inefficiency in the workplace is to make sure your employees are aware of what the company expects of them. Having the labor law posters in place is one of the best management strategies you can adopt. It is easier to practice what you preach if the preaching happens continuously. These posters preach to your team even when you are no longer in the office. They remind employees what to do even if the boss is not around. You can also create well-designed posters to express company policies and procedures. Find ways to make these posters engaging and not boring. Make sure these useful and visual reminders are in places where employees frequent.

Finally, a better manager should also learn to reward people who follow these policies and procedures at all cost. Motivate your people to do what is right by rewarding them. They may be paid to do things right the first time but we all know some people do not have the same mindset. However, with a reward system people learn to love doing what is right because they know it is not left unnoticed. As your people do the right things then you can spend your time and energy setting goals and achieving them. You can reach higher grounds if you focus on going up instead of simply avoiding the fall.  

To find more information of federal, state & OSHA labor law, please click here.

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