Monday, May 13, 2013

Interesting Facts about It’s the Law Posters

Every single day about 13 people in the United States suffer from fatal injuries due to work-related cases. Translated to annual figures this means that there are close to 5000 workers yearly die on the job. In addition, studies show that 4 million people experience light to serious injuries at work. This leaves some workers permanently disabled. This explains why millions of families continue to face financial challenges despite the government’s efforts to increase job availability in the country.

The state and federal government know these numbers. In fact, they have statistics that show who, why and how these untoward incidents happen at work. Injuries and fatalities commonly happen to workers employed by construction companies. Construction-related fatalities are normally due to fall, electrocution, or hit by an object. The state and federal government are very strict when it comes to posting the OSHA Job Safety and Health: it’s the Law poster due to these statistics. Study shows that those, who comply with the requirements of the labor law poster, have lower cases of injuries and fatalities compared to those who violate them.

Companies who violate the requirements set by OSHA posters and other labor law posters receive citations and pay fines. However, here are a few interesting facts to remember to avoid violating the law: 
  • These posters are free. You do not need to buy them. You can download them online and reproduce them. Therefore, you have no excuse not to have one.
  • The size of the poster and the print or font size should match. If you opt for a larger poster, then the print size should increase as well. An 8 ½ inches x 14 inches poster should have a font size of 10 for the body and 36 for the heading or caption. 
  •  You may need several posters in one establishment. If you have several activities performed in the same workplace, then you have to place a separate poster in different places where these activities happen. This ensures that all employees in your company or workplace get to read these posters daily.
  • The law requires you to have these posters in your workplace even if your workers are always out in the field. If your employees are sales representatives, field coordinators or they offer sanitary services to other companies, you will have to make this poster available to places where your employees report daily.
When it comes to dealing with your employees:
  • You have to take their complaints and grievances seriously.
  • They can ask OSHA to inspect the workplace with or without your permission.
  • You must show OSHA citations to them and post the same in the workplace.
  • You will have to correct whatever OSHA citations have enumerated.
  • You should give copies of medical records to them, which pertain to workplace hazards.

Nevertheless, OSHA can help you to avoid citations and fines. They offer free consultation services so you can avoid further workplace issues and OSHA violations. In the end, prevention is always better than cure and knowing all these facts can protect you. Studies show the effectiveness of these labor law posters when it comes to lessening workplace injuries and fatalities. There are statistics to back them up as well.

Click for more information of federal, state & OSHA labor law.

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