Monday, August 12, 2013

The Most Recent Changes with Labor Law Posters 2013

The Labor Law Posters 2013 inform both employers and employees of the key provisions in law that they should understand by heart. This is the very reason why the government requires these labor law posters on the most common area of the workplace so that each and every one can see it or refer to it easily whenever questions arises.

There are numerous labor law posters given that every state might require more or less posters depending on the workplace needs as they see applicable to their area. The federal labor law posters 2013, on the other hand, are the posters mandated by law that every employer with 50 or more employees should have posted in their respective workplaces.

The government updates and/or changes the labor laws depending on the need of both employers and employees as they see it or as requested by people. For 2013, there have been significant changes noted that applies to businesses of all sorts in different states. Check out the most recent changes with regards to Labor Law Posters 2013.
· Tennessee Unemployment Insurance
This has been updated by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce last June 2013. They made some clarifications with regards to work search eligibility and benefit requirements. Basically, this states that all employees will be eligible to benefits with a minimum of three job contacts in a work week. Failure to do so will result in loss of benefits.
· Colorado Liquor Code
The state of Colorado now requires establishments like restaurants and bars to post a new warning sign that specifically states not to leave the premises with any alcohol beverage and failure to do so may result in a $250 fine. This is because it is now prohibited to consume alcohol in public places except for licensed premises only.
· Vermont Unemployment Insurance
Employers in Vermont should now update their unemployment insurance posters. Updated poster now includes free professional help in finding a job, training, or internship, Career Resource Center locations with contact information, DOL website address with QR code, and a new layout.
· Vermont Employee Password Protection Law
Vermont may be the latest to act on this law but at least they joined the bandwagon. This law is said to take effect on July 1, 2013. This would prohibit employers from attempting to get employee and even applicant’s work or personal accounts. Employees have the right not to disclose their user names, passwords, and log-in information of any sort.

Should an employer decide not to hire an applicant because of refusal to disclose such information, they may be answerable to this law. Other states who have previously reinforced this law as well are Arkansas, New Mexico, Utah, Oregon, and Washington.

Employers in the United States are held responsible for keeping their Labor Law Posters 2013 updated given that the government does not announce when a labor law is going to be updated or changed. However, there are various agencies and/or groups that offer services with regards to updates of Labor Law Posters 2013. Some of these services even include printing and lamination.

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