Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Brief History of Federal Labor Law Posters

Do you know that the United States ranks 23rd in the world human development index adjusted for inequality? This is with the country’s working population of 155.5 million people and about 11.9 million people who are unemployed and the mandatory federal labor law posters.

Discrimination and inequality remains to be a major problem not just in the United States but of the whole world. From the olden days up until today, we see some sort of discrimination in every corner of the world and most commonly in workplaces with different ages, nations, religions, and gender preference. These differences have always led to workplace problems.

For all these reasons, the government decided to create various laws to address the said problems. The first law to have been created to prohibit racial discrimination is the Executive Order 8802 or now more commonly known as the Fair Employment Act. Following this, more laws were created including the Civil Rights Act of 1964, American with Disabilities Act of 1990, Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1990.

Given that the workplace is where most problems arise, the government continued to create more laws pertaining to worker’s rights and privileges. There is no plan or single cohesive approach with regards to the concept of these federal labor law posters. The government saw the need to help employers deal with legal issues and concerns around the workplace.

What Employees Have to Deal With

The government also saw what the employees then have to deal with to survive their workplaces. There were a lot of concerns over employer mismanagement, bullying, and inequality. Centuries ago, employees had so little idea of what they were truly entitled to that forced them to remain mum about everything.

Fortunately enough, the government thought of a way to help the suffering employees by making it easy for them to keep up with their rights through the federal labor law posters that is required to be posted by employers at every workplace. Through this way, employees can read more about what they are truly entitled to including their rights and privileges. Just the same, this also benefits the employers as they do not have to keep explaining what they can and cannot allow.

A Century’s Worth of Laws in A Single Poster

Some people see the situation as the government trying to fit in a single federal labor law poster a century’s worth of rules and regulations. Truth is the government is continuously finding better ways of serving its people. Employers today are already complaining of the tedious work of obtaining the posters and keeping them updated. Can you imagine what will happen if the poster numbers increase?

Not just because a century’s worth of rules and regulations are squeezed into a single all-in-one poster does it mean that it is not complete. The labor law authorities simply singled out the ones that they think are of utmost importance to be included in the federal labor law posters. These are the ones that generally apply to everyone regardless of workplace, business nature, and state. You may want to visit for a selection of labor law posters.

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