Sunday, September 08, 2013

Important Aspects of Compliance to the Florida Labor Law Poster Policy

Are you fully compliant with the current Florida labor law poster policy? This is a question that many new employers would really be quite hesitant to answer. We are all aware that such a policy is quite complicated and there are just too many things about it that should be dealt with properly by employers and business owners. We have to take note of the fact that this policy was made for the equal protection of employers and workers within an organization or business.

Yes, there are penalties that are waiting for those who will not fully comply with the Florida labor law poster. Of course we want to be on the safe side these days. Generally, compliance will cover some very important yet basic aspects. It will be a good thing on your part as an employer. Take note of the following:

· Poster type: Knowing the right types of posters to acquire and post is one of the first things that you have to deal with. Of course, your local labor law department could get you guided on this matter.

Aside from the federal labor law posters, there are also posters that are required at the state level. There are also posters that are industry-specific. This means that if you are running a real estate business, you should get posters that are different from those that are used in the hotel and restaurant services industry.

· Posting location: You cannot post at just any location that you desire. The Florida labor law poster policy specifically mandates that employers get these posted at places where employees frequently gather in.

A common lobby or entrances to workplaces would be the most ideal places where these could be placed. There are specific guides on Florida labor law poster placement for businesses with no common or scattered workplaces. You can check with your local labor law department for these guides.

· Poster language: There is a requirement for the posting of multilingual posters if some circumstances are met. Some states like California and Texas have mandatory policies on the use of these multi-lingual posters.

Now, if you are not in the locations where such posters are mandatory, there are special cases on which you will still need to put up bilingual posters. As an example, if your workforce is composed of 10% Spanish speakers then this is the time when such multilingual posters should be used.

· Poster updates: The Florida labor law poster policy implies clearly that only the most updated materials are used and posted in workplaces. We really have no regular schedule about the updating of these posters. Labor law amendments and changes could happen at any time of the year. It could happen when your ordered set of poster is already on the process of being shipped and delivered.

You can manually monitor these changes and updates through the federal and state labor departments. However, if you can shell out some extra money, it will be good to avail of Florida labor law poster compliance services as offered by private companies.

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