Sunday, September 01, 2013

Questions to Ask When Buying Labor Law Compliance Posters

Believe it or not, there are still entities in the industry who would take advantage of the need of employers and business owners for labor law compliance posters. In a recent blog post on a state web domain in Texas, a newbie business owner apparently got ripped off in a deal on these posters. The online source that he has tapped has turned out to be one of those who have been scamming off unsuspecting employers. They are selling outdated posters that have been discarded off by other makers and sellers in the industry.

Since the use of labor law compliance posters is an essential part of business ownership in the US, we have to make sure that we do safe acquisitions of materials. Yes, the federal and state government could provide us with the prescribed sets of posters. However, it is common knowledge that there is a limit on the amount of materials that they can release to employers and business owners.

Now, the main source of these labor law compliance posters that we could access are commercial makers and sellers. Most of them could be found through the web. If you will be transacting with these sources, don’t be afraid to ask some very essential questions. Here are some of these questions:

· Are you recognized by the BBB? – Better Business Bureau has strict standards when it comes to recognizing entities in the industry. A maker and seller of labor law compliance posters that hasn’t been able to get even thumbs up from the BBB should be avoided. It is your decision on whether you would go further or not on investigating why the said entity don’t have a BBB rating.

· Do you have a partner that understands the labor laws? – Of course we are talking about both federal and state labor laws here. It matters to have a partner that could keep track of all the 16 poster requirements coming from all seven agencies of the government. Partners of sellers could be law firms or even employees who can offer their expertise. Labor law changes should be effectively interpreted by these entities for a seller.

· What specific guarantees can you offer? – Compliance on the mandate about these posters doesn’t mean just putting up any poster that we could find. There are standard sizes, fonts, poster layouts, and colors that must be followed. You should make sure that your seller could make guarantees about these things.

· Can you protect me from fines or penalties? – Many sellers would guarantee this type of protection but only on limited counts. It is possible to find a seller who has the capability to offer unlimited protection from fines and penalties. This reflects their confidence on being able to provide updated and correct labor law compliance posters at all times.

· Are the updated posters you are offering to me really mandatory? – There are cases on which some of the labor law compliance posters currently in use within a state need not be replaced. This is in case of a very minor law change and the government deems it necessary to just include it in the next major updating of all posters.

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