Wednesday, April 07, 2010

California Labor Law Poster related to Labor Compliance Program

In the state of California, there is a specially designed contract compliance program that ensures that all businesses and employers operating with the local and Federal government follow the laws and regulations regarding employments and to check that there is no discrimination being done among the employees. If such a wrong practice is there then it should be corrected by the organization immediately. All this is displayed in the California labor law poster.

The following procedures are addressed according to the Labor Compliance Program:
This section deals with the payment of prevailing wage rates: All the relevant and necessary information related to wage rates should be posted in the poster for all the workers so that they can have the necessary information. All the rules and regulations should be clearly stated here.

What laws to be followed while hiring apprentices: The particular section directs the contractors and subcontractors to follow the labor code section 1777.5 while hiring registered apprentices to complete a public work project within the state. California labor law poster displays the facts.

What penalties are to be executed: If it is found that the contractor or subcontractor has failed to comply with the laws specified for prevailing wages then there can be penalties for such employers and this law is applicable to people who fail to employ registered apprentices. Penalties can be in the form of forfeitures and debarments for such contractors. So contractors need to be careful while hiring people to work for their projects.

The section dealing in Certified Payroll Records: In this section, the information regarding various employment details are mentioned to ensure that contractors and subcontractor maintain accurate payroll records. The information is related to total working hours, overtime etc. An employer needs to submit these documents every week to the district for inspection in the working hours.

Section dealing in Non-discrimination in Employment: This section in the California labor law poster and safety posters deals with non-discrimination of employees in the workplace and sees to it that employers follow the law strictly in their organizations. All these rules and regulations are given in the labor law poster.

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