Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Posting requirements in federal labor law posters

In the current scenario, there are nearly 7 different postings that are essential to be mentioned in federal labor law posters. These posting ensure the employees about the benefits that can be prevailed by them along with the right and duties that they should perform while they are working in a company. The labor law posters help to maintain good bond between the employee and the employer and this level is achieved by posting these labor law posters. It is essential for the employers to understand that these notices posted in the labor law posters are not done just for mentioning the rights of the employees but they also require to be understood properly. Hence an employer should make sure that he knows the real zest of the notices mentioned in the labor law posters.

The Minimum Wage Posting which is also known as Fair Labor Standards Act is used to display the minimum wage of the employee along with the overtime that should be paid to the employee. It also stated the standards of the child labor. It has a detailed description of the previous minimum wage, current minimum wage which is of $6.55 and the minimum wage for the future. The USERRA in federal labor law posters defines the rights of the employee in case of reemployment. It even includes the uniformed services like that of the National Guard. At times it also happens that the employers discriminate on the basis of military services or obligations. This act prevents them from doing such deed.

The EPPA or Employee Polygraph Protection Act prevents the employers to use lie detectors on the employees while they are working with the company, or while they come for the interview regarding the job. At times, these employers use such devices to check the honesty level of the candidates. However it is inhuman and thus federal labor law posters are required to mention this posting and the employers are meant to use these posters including safety posters in their workplace. There are other postings such as Equal Employment Opportunity, Family Medical Leave Act and OSHA which are mandatory to be mentioned in such labor law posters.

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