Monday, June 21, 2010

The differentiation of the posters

There are a few particular things that need to be taken care of while you are putting up posters for the help of the employees. The basic need for the labor law posters is that they should be readable for the employees. If any employee is not able to read the poster in the language it is in then the employer needs to ensure that the poster is in a language that is understood by everyone. Then the visibility of the poster also matters. There is no real advantage of the safety posters if it is not visible to the laborers. They are the ones who need to take care while they are working on the machines. In this case they must be able to see the guidelines that are mentioned by the poster. Then there are posters that talk about the holidays and the wages of the employees. The factories are generally meant to display these posters ion the entry of the workplace itself. This is because it is most visible and accessible there. Not all the workers are needed to enter the actual area of work, in this case they are not allowed to enter the main premises and hence the visibility might be hindered if the poster is displayed somewhere inside the premises. Hence it is needed that they display the posters on the gate.

There are specific federal and state labor law posters which are centric on the specific guidelines that are set by the state government. On the basis of these state laws they are able to decide the laws for the laborers and their benefits. The various posters that get categorized under this category of state law posters are the minimum wages posters. The posters that talk about the ways to ensure fair employment, the safety and protection at the area of work, in terms of the insurance and the first aid are mentioned. Then there are posters that talk about the compensation notice for the unemployment of the workers, the labor laws that deal with the minors that are employed at the place of work. There are also the regular posters that are talking about the protection of the rights of the employee at the place of work and what the employers shall and needs to do about it.