Thursday, June 24, 2010

Labor law poster: all you need to know

Many times we see the bulletin boards filled with some kind of poster but we never even bother to go through them or stop and just check them. These are the labor law posters and safety posters that are a mandatory requirement at every workplace. These are for the benefits of the employees and therefore they should always go through them. These posters have the basic rules and regulations that every employer must follow. They have the basic safety and health issues related things. The rules related to the work hours and the minimum daily wages, about their leaves and also about the work atmosphere. The labor law poster also has the steps that one should follow when any of the rules are violated. He can then take the necessary action against the employer once he knows the steps to be followed.

In US, each of the state has its own law, therefore if you are in Florida, you will have a different labor laws. Also the federal has some set rules and laws. So if you own an office in Ohio, you must have the law posters laid by the federal government, also along with it you must have the Ohio labor law poster.

One cannot place these posters and how he pleases. There are certain rules laid down also for the positioning of these posters. They should be placed only from where they are visible and also they can not be altered. Apart from this they should also take care these posters are easily understood by all the labors alike and even if a single labor does not understand the language of the poster, the poster must be put up in the language that he understands. If every employee goes through them carefully, he will not be exploited as he will know all the rules and regulations.


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