Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Employee’s Rights at the Workplace

The United States Department of Labor requires every employer to display the labor law posters in their offices. Labor law posters are meant to inform employees of their rights in the workplace. This has been a growing concern to the United States labor office for a while now. These posers are divided into two versions, namely the federal and state. Each of these posters has different requirements. The labor laws are a collection of policies governing the treatment of employees by their employers. The minimum wage in America changes often and the labor law posters have to be updated with that effect as stipulated. If an employee is not receiving what they are worth, they can report the matter to the US Department of Labor.
The laws on the posters are written in an understandable and orderly manner. Often, each single regulation is shown as a box on the poster. In addition, the poster is printed in color, with a different color for each box. To attract attention, the fonts of the headings of the boxes are enormous and of different colors. The posters are required to feature prominently in areas where there is large traffic of employees like corridors leading to the lavatories and pantry. It is the responsibility of the employers to make sure that the posters are hung.
Diverse states have different requirements for the law posters. The Safety poster and Arizona labor posters should show state specific information on labor. These posters the methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus poster (MRSA), Arizona no smoking, OSHA Health and Safety Protection, Constructive discharge notice, Work exposure to body fluids, discrimination notice, unemployment insurance, worker's compensation and the Arizona minimum wage posters.
The Texas labor law posters offer employees with information on Notification of the ombudsman program, child labor law, unemployment insurance, Texas payment Notice, bilingual discrimination, and workers’ compensation notices five, six and nine.
Some of the aforementioned policies are unique only to some states and do not apply to all of them. The MRSA poster applies only for the Arizona Labor Law Posters whereas notification of the Ombudsman only applies to the Texas Labor Law Posters. It is truly a demanding task to hold on to the obligations of each state`s policies. This is specifically challenging to a company whose business is present in multiple states. One will need to obtain different posters for diverse states and make sure to keep abreast with changing legislation.

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