Thursday, March 15, 2012

New York and Ohio Labor Laws – a Workman’s Safeguard

Unlike other places in the world, all the workers are provided with numerous rights and privileges in the United States. The federal government in USA provides a blanket of policies that cover employees in the public and private sectors and even go as deep as minimum wages and overtime allowances. The laws guard against employee harassment by employers in the workplace. The U.S. department of labor updates the labor laws regularly. The labor laws are brought to light by posters all over the states of New York and Ohio.
  • Recently, the rate of the minimum wage was increased; the posting of discrimination updated, and the state was added as a domestic partner. All this is according to Poster Solution and the latest labor law posters all over New York. In the past, workers in New York earned a minimum salary of six dollars and seventy-five cents an hour. The latest news according to the New York labor law posters is that the minimum wage is currently seven dollars and fifteen cents an hour. The cash wage that was previously at four dollars, and thirty-five cents has risen to four dollars and sixty cents. The posters are supplied cheaply to the public if anyone orders.
  • According to Ohio labor law posters , the labor laws have also been revised. The minimum wage has been increased by a considerable amount. The minimum salary was previously seven dollars and thirty cents but has been increased to seven dollars and forty cents an hour. This increment favors non-tipped employees. This information is available in the January 2011 review of the Ohio Labor Law Posters. They are also available on order to workers at a reasonable price.
Employees in the workplace need to be aware of the dangers, hazards and accidents that can occur around them. Accidents can happen anytime, the source being a number of things and circumstances in the workplace. This is what necessitates the importance of a Safety poster. These posters are there to remind employees to be cautious of the dangers that lurk in the workplace.
Safety and danger is not only restricted to the work environment but also in institutions and social places. Safety Posters, all over United States of America are distributed to Schools, social clubs, tertiary institutions, and can be found as signs beside the roads.
These three posters play a vital role in building the American work environment known today, and without them, the goal of equal opportunity for everyone cannot be achieved.

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