Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Rules of the National Labor Relations Board on Posters

The benefits of Safety posters in the workplace today are obvious. That is why most employers have been charged with the responsibility of putting these posters in their companies. In simple term, the function of safety posters is to communicate effectively to employees of the dangers and safety precautions of their work. These posters play an important role in preventing accidents in the workplace and even at home. Here are a few reasons why employers display safety posters in their company premises, which include:

1. To inspire a friendly interest in the organization’s safety efforts

2. To remind workers of particular hazards

3. To suggest human behavior that might help prevent accidents

4. To have a good impression on prospective customers or investors

5. To remind workers of the common human behave that can cause accidents

The National Labor Relations Board came to a final ruling that the majority of all employers in the private sector should notify employees of their rights under the new act. This means that employers will have to post an NLRA Notice on the workplace. This act came into use on November 14 of 2011. All private sector employers including labor unions are required to post the NLRA notice in their places of work. Generally, the NLRA employers in the private sector who have to affect the interstate commerce, which the company bases on the dollar volume it generates. Nevertheless, there are employers not covered, which include:

1. Union or Government employers- The NLRA has excluded certain employers such as state and federal offices, employers under the Railway Labor Act, Federal Reserve Banks, and lab our unions and their agents and officer, unless they act as employers.

2. A company with a municipal function- NLRA also excludes private companies that play essential municipal functions.

3. Religious schools- These are schools that are established by certain religions, and they target pupils from that same religion

4. Employers in airline, railroad and agricultural sectors

Nevertheless, all companies must comply with the U.S. Department of Labor by posting all the Federal labor law posters in the work premises. These federal law posters are effective in supporting specific campaigns such as wearing protective equipment, using guards and maintaining good house keeping. In order to relay important information to workers, employers should make sure they have put on display the appropriate federal labor law posters. The posters should be on a conspicuous area where all works will have easy access to them.

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