Sunday, September 09, 2012

California Labor Laws: You Have the Right to Know

Rights are those social, legal and ethical principles brought about by freedom and equality. These are the entitlement that allows people to have, to do and to create. Rights are also subjected to law, and this is to ensure that rights are for the purpose that will not cause any harm to an individual. Not all things are to recognize by law as privilege because some of these are not really beneficial (such as to sell drugs, to smuggle, and to steal) and may be in contrast with other laws. Every people in the country have their rights which includes the right to vote, to live a free life and many more.

Rights are the fundamentals of a civilization or a nation. It entails on how the state handles his people. It can be observed through the laws which they impose on their people, like the way they should act, their freedom of speech and expression, the ability to own property and those who have the same aspect.

One of these rights stated in California labor law posters 2012 is the right to information. The right for us to be given the details of the situations that affects us either directly or indirectly, especially if the situation involves the government both internal and external affairs.

State labor law posters are one of those tools that give us the information we need. They are duly imposed by the state to require employers to inform their employees about their rights. It is also granted by one of our rights to know what our privilege especially as an employee. This is to protect ourselves from those who want to take advantage of this weakness.

Each and every employee has the right to ask for knowledge about their protection. They have also the right to compel those employers that would not follow the requirements. It is also their right to say no if they notice discrepancies, to free themselves from any form of abuse, and to prioritize their safety. No employee shall be deprived of their rights by any employer as provided by the state.

Rights are our privilege to live and to other things in this world, it is both implied from birth and also created by law. All the people have equal rights, and these rights are to protect them from any forms of injustice. You have the sole responsibility of protecting yourself from anyone that threatens your safety and as well as those who are around you.

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