Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Labor Law Poster For Migrant And Seasonal Agricultural Worker

All agricultural employers, associations and farm contractors need to abide by the protection act for migrant and seasonal agricultural worker. They need to display Labor law posters defining the rights of the workers in a conspicuous place to avoid penalty for violation. All farm labor contractors must register themselves with the US department of Labor Law. Let us find out the rights of these agricultural workers.

All migrant and seasonal workers must be informed about their wages and working conditions by their employees. This information can be given to them in English, Spanish or their native language. The purpose is to make them aware of their rights in a language they understand. The terms and conditions of the work need to be followed at all times. In case you are a farm labor contractor, you must furnish proof of registration during recruitment process. You must receive your payment on the specified paydays. Your pay must be in a written format explaining your earnings over each pay period. When getting transported, the vehicle used must be insured and driven by a licensed driver. The federal and state safety standards must be followed at all times.

For most migrant agricultural workers, employers provide housing options. In such cases the house should be in accordance to the defined federal and state safety standards. This information must be handed over to the workers at the time of employment. The information can be put up as a poster or be made a part of the terms and conditions document.

Just like all other labor law posters, this poster must be displayed in a prominent location. If an employee feels that his or her right has been violated, they may file a complaint with the Wage and Hour Division of the US Labor Department. Employees who are waiting for a judgment on their case cannot be discriminated by their employers. There may be a separate case for such kind of discrimination.

To avoid any kind of legal hassles all employers must paste this poster. Not only will it save you from monetary fines arising due to labor law violation but also save you from complaints by disgruntled and unaware employees. As an employer, your aim should be to make your business flourish and not spend time on solving legal issues. The best way to deal with this situation is to explain your employees about their rights and responsibilities.

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