Thursday, September 27, 2012

New York Takes Discrimination As A Serious Problem

New York is among the states that were settled first as British colonies. This state has a long history. New York always has stood for human rights in the United States and for human rights around the world. You will find head quarter of United Nation Organization in New York City. Therefore, New York is very serious about discrimination when it comes to its laws. You will find New York labor law posters about human rights everywhere in the New York.

The New York state has a whole law on human rights. It is called Human Rights Law. Its section 296 completely depicts unlawful discriminatory practices. Therefore, employers have to be very cautious in New York when dealing with labor. The department that deals with human rights in New York is the New York State Division of Human Rights. You will find New York labor law posters about human rights in 23 languages. This includes Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Bosnian, Chinese and much more……

Same way, the Colorado labor poster is available in Colorado. You will find a law against discrimination as same way on the Colorado labor law poster. Therefore, Colorado businesses have to be very careful about discrimination as well. In Colorado, it comes under the Civil Rights Law.

The New York state is filled with all kinds of people. Especially, New York City has residents from all kinds of races and ethnic background. Therefore, New York state can’t take risk of discrimination at all. In subways of New York City, you can even find tourists from all around the world. Law enforcement agencies of New York state take discrimination cases very seriously. New York labor posters about discrimination say that discrimination seriously hurts and if you see it or experience it, you must call to the New York State Division of Human Rights.

New York labor law posters state that you cannot discriminate employees in their religious practices. If you are in New York state and hire the disabled person, you have to provide reasonable adjustment to your employee. The reasonable adjustment means that good adjustment to his/her place of work, so your employee can perform job easily.

Among discrimination at work, New York labor law posters also state that you cannot discriminate people in resorts and public accommodation and amusements. This means; discriminating consumers in restaurants and patients in hospitals is a violation of anti discriminating law as well.

The New York state is very strict about discriminating people in educational places. So, discriminating students can bring a huge trouble to faculty. In New York, you will find students from all around the world. Many Asian people do choose to come to New York City and study. Therefore, you will find many Asian students in colleges and universities in New York City. You will also find particular areas for each kind of people. For example: Jackson Heights in Queens is famous for Indian and Pakistani immigrants and tourists.

New York anti discrimination laws have given more healthy environment in New York state. Therefore, people from all around the world to come to New York to work.

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