Sunday, September 23, 2012

Why Do You Have to Post State Labor Law Posters

If you are the owner of a business that employs people to help you run it, there are many things that you are required to do. Some of these make sense to most people. You need to pay your employees a fair wage that meets or exceeds the minimum wage laws. You need to provide a safe work environment for your employees. You need to make sure that you have the proper insurance in case anyone is hurt in your workplace. You also need to post the Federal and State labor law posters. Each state has its own set of rules so an Arizona business will need Arizona Labor posters. These are just a few of the things that as a business owner, you should be doing. There are some business owners who do not always agree with these rules and will work to avoid having to comply with them.

If you do not pay your employees, they will be sure to speak up. If you do not have a safe work environment, your employees will probably leave or someone will get hurt and this will be discovered. If you do not have insurance, it is likely that some agency will figure this out and get you to comply. But the labor law posters are a different story. If you do not have them posted in an area where all employees can see them like you are supposed to, who will know. This rule is not something that most employees are aware of. It will be stated on the posters, but if they are not being displayed, this really does not matter. You might get a visit from a government official who says something, but this is not a very likely occurrence. The question then becomes for a business owner: why should I put these Arizona labor posters up.

The first reason is because it is required. The second and more important reason is to give the employees a list of the rights that they have and also the rights that the employer has in a workplace. There are many employees who think that the employer has to do certain things for the employers. Employees often think that the business has to do more than they are actually required to. When you have the state labor law poster in a place where everyone can read it, there will be no confusion. The employees will understand the things like the right to work, the right to a safe environment and the right to be paid a minimum wage. All of these things can be learned by reading the poster and education is a great tool for both employers and employees.

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