Monday, December 27, 2010

Advantages of Labor Law Posters

The Labor law Poster is an initiative of the International Labor Organization to help the workers on their legal and fundamental rights at workplace. In several occasions we come across situations where we fall prey in the hands of exploiting employers. In some ways or the other they affect the dignity, pride and the interest of the employees. They violate the laws of human labor. In this scenario, the labor law posters work as a script for the employee’s rights and interests.

Labor law posters discuss on various issues and problems and their solutions. These are informative posters on various professional guidelines like, minimum wages, leave policies, Insurance policies, working hours and many others. The calculation of minimum wages and working hours provides the employees knowledge on the salary parameters and how to earn more, for overtimes. The posters also clearly mentions the maternity leaves or sick leaves, the employee is eligible for. It gives a wider view on employees rights to prosecute the employer, if found guilty of ill treatment towards employees. Any behavior indicating racism, gender inequality, religion caste can be considered as unacceptable behavior. Also health and safety of the employees are primary responsibilities of employers. The employer can be penalized for injuries or any other health related issues from workplace. The labor law posters are the master guide for employees to gather knowledge about company and its policies beforehand, since it is a mandatory rule of the government to display the posters, in prominent places for employees to refer. Also the employers must keep an eye on the new amendments of the Labor laws since it is revised at regular basis and the latest should be displayed. Failing to this condition can lead the employer to severe punishments, penalties and cash fines.

Workplace safety is a major concern for US companies. These safety posters help in reducing workplace violence, drug abuse and other injuries in the company premises. These posters provide a constant knowledge for the benefit of both the employers and the employees, keeping the primary objective of the organization intact: productivity and profitability.

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