Thursday, December 23, 2010

Miss use of Labor Law posters arise problems

Labor Law Posters are for the welfare of both employee and employers but sometimes miss use of this Labor Law Poster creates a lot of problems. Even sometimes workers miss use this Labor Law Posters to give hassle to the employers. As a result some employers also had no choice but do not follow the Labor Law Posters, Instead of that; they create their own company rule to punish the labors.

One of the main important thing of Labor Law Posters is , it deals with the financial compensation or may be wedges of the employee .According to the State Government Labor Law Posters employee should work for eight hours a day with one hour paid lunch break. But sometimes some employees work less than eight hour and also claim the paid lunch break because it is mentioned under Labor Law Posters. This uneven situation causes a kind of miss conduct between employee and employer. Moreover some organizations do not want to maintain their Labor Law Posters because of this kind of miss use so they implement their own company rules.

Safety posters are for the welfare of the employee so that they can get rid from the uneven accidents but sometimes the workers cause accidents and claim the compensation saying that, they got hurt during the work place so they should get compensation. This kind of uneven situation causes a miss conduct between the employee .The employers definitely set their own rules .According to the California Labor Law poster and Federal and state labor law poster there is a fixed salary structure for every employee hourly, monthly or even yearly. But some employers do not want to follow the law, the just simply set their own salary structure and pay the employees according to their law. Later, if the employee knows about the labor law poster then they claim and if they win the claim they get huge amount of financial compensation. So this is clear that, miss use of the Labor Law posters, Safety Posters are responsible for trouble .If both employee and employer follows it, and then there won’t be any kind of problem in the organisation.

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