Monday, December 13, 2010

Ignorance is not an acceptable Reason; You May Have To Face Heavy Penalties

In California, the small businesses face several problems because they are not aware of the labor laws. It is a common fact that ignorance of the law doesn’t mean that you will not be questioned or may not face any legal problems, and this excuse cannot save you from the heavy penalties from non compliance of these laws. The familiarity of labor law starts from the hiring of employees. The law binds the employers to hire only the most competent and qualified employees who meet the requirements of the job and don’t hire anyone based on personality of an applicant. The labor laws are also required to be displayed in the form of California labor law posters so that all the employees can easily be aware of them.

The California labor laws also forbid the employers to discriminate their employees based on disability, religious affiliation, nationality, marital status, age, gender and even race. The employers have no right to ill-treat and exploit their employees in any way. The labor law posters contain the laws in a very easy and understandable format so that the employees can easily understand them and save themselves from any kind of discrimination or exploitation. California labor laws are also guaranteeing the workers their rights and protection such as the employers are bound to provide the employees a safe and healthy work environment. And if any of the employees who are injured or become medically unfit due to the hazards present in the working environment, then the employee can file a lawsuit against the employer. And the employer will have to pay compensation and penalty, which will be imposed by government agencies for the violation of California labor laws.

The employers are bound to place labor law poster in every single area of the workplace which, contain all the information about the rights of the employees. Psychologically, these posters have very good effects on the employees and employer too because the employees feel that they are protected from any kind of exploitation, and the employers get track which they must follow for running of their business smoothly.

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