Wednesday, September 14, 2011

California Labor Laws – Winds of Change are blowing

Never has the worker had as much power as he does today. In the past, workers would simply have to obey to the will of their employers or else they would be out of a job and unable to feed their families. These days however, employers and employees are actually standing on a very levelled playing field, and workers now have more rights than they ever did and can actually complain about unfair treatment and have a myriad of different laws which have been made in order to protect their interests. Not to mention, one of these laws is that employers have to provide their employees with an easy access to their rights in the form of labor law posters. As a testimony to how respected regular workers have become, there have actually been more and more employment lawsuits filed each year, with nearly 100 000 claims filed in 2010 alone. This makes life kind of hard for employers, especially in California where there are constant changes being made to the California labor law posters. There have actually been a few cases which are probably going to change the Californian labor law landscape.

First off, a man of older age won a lawsuit where he claimed he was being discriminated because of his age. Second of all there was an employee who had to work overtime for a California-based company but while working abroad. He was paid according to the overtime laws of where he was working, and as of now the case is actually being reviewed but has presented a very interesting challenge for the people who think up and regulate these laws. Finally, a male employee has sued the California airport services because, as he claims, he was sexually harassed by a female employee, meaning he had to deal with an abusive work environment.

What these cases have shown is that there are actually a lot of scenarios out there of workers being treated unfairly, and more and more of them are progressively making it into the federal labor law posters. Keep in mind though that when we are speaking of California, the labor laws are actually recognized as being somewhat complicated, meaning that if you are an employer planning on running some type of company there, then you should probably pay a lot of attention to how you do it and whether or not it complies with all the different regulations in place.

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