Monday, September 05, 2011

What you Need to Know About Labor Law Posters

Those of you who have already been employed, regardless by whom, have probably already encountered a list of laws on your break or in the bathroom. This list is referred to as a labor law poster, and what it basically contains are all the laws which apply to the workers and the regulations which they need to follow. More often than not, there are actually many of these posters hanging on the walls, seeing as how besides the various laws which are in effect according to the type of business you run (if you are in healthcare you are going to have to follow different regulations than a construction company for example) you also need to put up various federal labor law posters as well as posters of any labor laws which are instituted by the State (every State has different regulations when it comes to law). IF you have ever stopped to read one of those or just to wonder why they are there exactly, then you probably know that putting these up is actually mandatory for companies these days because if they have more than two employees and do not post up these rights it means they can be fined for a sum of more than $20 000, depending on the State. These posters are very important because they allow the workers to get familiar with the various rights they have, and what types of compensations they are entitled to in what conditions. If an employee would ever get into some type of professional argument with their employer, then these posters would basically be the main point of reference in determining who is right and who is wrong.

There are actually only three exceptions where you are not required to put up such a poster: if you have only one employee working for you, if you have no employees, and if your business is owned and run be the family. Regardless of which State you are in, you will have to post up the nine mandatory federal posts, including the Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, the Employee Polygraph Protection Act, Anti-Discrimination Notice and various others. On top of that, there are also various state labor law posters which are required to be displayed, and seeing as how these laws are actually being updated relatively frequently, you will more than likely have to keep checking and modifying your posters accordingly in order to avoid quite an uncomfortable fine.

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