Thursday, September 15, 2011

Which Rules Protect Worker’s Rights in New York?

All states in the US are by the requirement of federal labor law posters mandated to post notices that list workers rights and the obligation of all employers to employees. There are various rules that protect workers rights in the State of New York. They are so comprehensively enshrined that no room is left for doubt or ambiguity as to what needs to be done. All businesses operating in this state have ensured that all safety posters necessary for spelling out what the workers are entitled to are available in all work places. The notices fall under different categories as follows.

The minimum wage requirement falls under the fair labor standards act, and it gives guidelines what a worker in this state must receive in terms of the federal minimum wage of $8.06 per hour. In other words rate of pay is determined on an hourly basis. For workers who are able to log in over 40 weekly hours their entitlement is minimum wage of at least 1.5 times the regular applicable minimum wage. Employees are paid extra money for every extra hour they work. The advantage in this to workers is that the extra hours fetch higher rates. There are workers who are classified as at-will employees. These are people who opt to work on a contractual basis, and although they can be sacked without any much legal complications, they are known to earn better.

In this era of affirmative action and equality for all, there are New York labor law posters whose primary role is to protect workers against sexual harassment. Women are particularly favored here because by their very nature, they are likely to suffer more harassment than men. The notices relating to this make the employers to take responsibility to protect all their workers from any kind of sexual harassment like repulsive sexual advances, behavior or physical actions that might have unwelcome sexual overtones, or discrimination on the basis of sex. At any workplace, the safety of workers ought to come first. Safety posters remind and assure employers and employees that the working zone is free from elements of danger that could cause bodily harm or health problems to workers. All employers are required to comply with occupational safety and health standards. Failure to comply with the labor law poster needs could lead to citations and cash penalties against any business or organization that does not do this.

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