Monday, September 05, 2011

Workplace protection and Privileges for Workers

A person who has under his/her employment two and more people is essentially an employer who becomes mandated to ensure workplace protection and privileges for the workers is maintained. No where is this provision well observed than by the Californian safety posters. They are supposed to be placed in good positions with in a company so that they are clearly visible to all employees. All the employers in California have the responsibility of making sure that all the current federal and state labor law posters are well maintained in all places of work.

One thing that most people sometimes find intriguing and confusing is how different businesses are supposed to be interpreted and related to the Californian labor law posters. Although many businesses are compelled to post the same State of Californian Law Posters, it is not incumbent upon all businesses to follow all the requirements contained on the law the posters. Since companies operate in different work conditions and do different things not all the laws apply uniformly across the board. For example, a small clinic may not be required to observe as many rules and regulations like a major medical facility. Therefore a business is only under the obligation of displaying the relevant law posters that applies to the specific needs of the business.

The Californian labor law posters are basically tools of communication. If the information they contain is not comprehended by all then technically it will mean the poster is serving no purpose It must be in a language that all employees can understand well. In some companies, the majority of the employees might be speakers of the same language. In such a situation if the common language spoken by many is Dutch, then the company will have to put up labor law posters in both English and Dutch. The former will be for the few who might not speak the language in question. Many Californian labor law posters cover elements like occupational hazards and health safety for workers and others related to practices that may be considered discriminatory.
State labor law posters and Federal law posters are not the same, and again labor laws are different in all states and that is why the these State law posters outline particular laws to a specific state and must be displayed with the Federal law posters. Failure to comply is a crime against the labor law poster requirements.

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