Thursday, May 03, 2012

An Inside Look At Texas And New York Labor Law Posters

In New York and Texas, labor law requires that business owners employing non-relative workers must post state labor law posters at several places in the workplace. These legal requirements are imposed by both the federal and respective state Departments of labor. They are simply not optional but compulsory to any business owner who wants to be at peace with labor law authorities. Not posting Texas or New York labor law poster when you are required to puts your business at a risk of being fined even more than $17 000 and other serious legal implications that can disrupt your business performance.

Generally, these two states require employers to post about 11 labor law posters comprising of 6 federal and 5 state labor law posters. State labor law posters are among payday notice and also for Equal Employment Opportunity. Labor law poster are also mandated when dealing with Child Labor Laws, both offered and not offered Workers compensation as well Ombudsman Program. Every business owner must check when the New York or Texas labor law poster was last revised to ensure that he displays the current copy and not an outdated one. This is very important in avoiding the conflictions that may arise in case of a crash between the old and current labor law poster.

Employers are also expected to display Texas labor law poster on certain aspects of employee rights such as Equal Employment Opportunity, Family Medical Leave Notice, Employee Polygraph Protection Act Notice, FLSA, OSHA as well as USERRA. These are the basic labor law posters and certain variations may occur depending on the industry you are trading in as well as other additional labor law poster requirements that may be mandated by either the federal or state labor law officials from time to time.

Also, if you are engaged in the healthcare industry, you may need to have certain New York labor law poster at your workplace on several issues like Drug Free Workplace, Bloodborne Pathogens, CPR, Report Injuries, Hand Wash, Workplace Ergonomics, First Aid, Slip and Fall and more. Other different labor law posters will be required such as business owners in restaurant industry, legal industry, building and construction industry and even manufacturing industry. Whereas some of the posters will be similar, others will be totally different depending on the industry. Employers can easily get all these posters from the many online business selling labor law posters at highly affordable deals. Shopping around for the best deals is important as you don’t have to pay a fortune to comply with labor law poster requirements.

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